Live Webcast 15th Annual Charm++ Workshop

Welcome! We are the Parallel Programming Laboratory.

Our goal is to develop technology that improves performance of parallel applications while also improving programmer productivity. We aim to reach a point where, with our freely distributed software base, complex irregular and dynamic applications can (a) be developed quickly and (b) perform scalably on machines with thousands of processors.

Processor virtualization is one of our core techniques: the programmer divides the computation into a large number of entities, which are mapped to the available processors by an intelligent runtime system. This separation of concerns between programmers and the system is key to attaining both our goals together.

Charm++/AMPI Talk in Blue Waters Webinar Series
Prof. Sanjay Kale will be giving a talk as a part of NCSA's Blue Waters Webinar Series on Wednesday, May 30th at 10am CT. The topic of the webinar with will be "What's New in Charm++ and Adaptive MPI".

Charm++ is a machine independent parallel programming system. Programs written using this system run unchanged on MIMD machines with or without shared memory. It provides high-level mechanisms and strategies to facilitate the task of developing even highly complex parallel applications. Adaptive MPI...