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Charm++ Programming Tutorial
Parallel Programming Lab, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The purpose of this tutorial is to give the reader a basic understanding of how to program using the Charm++ parallel programming model. Charm++ is an object-oriented message passing parallel programming model which has mainly been used in realm of HPC and scientific computing. Charm++ can be used to write parallel applications that run on a variety of machines ranging from a single notebook/desktop computer to computer clusters containing tens of thousands of processors. To date, Charm++ applications have been shown to scale to as many as forty thousand processors on some of the world's largest and most powerful supercomputers.

For additional information on Charm++ and related software, please see the Charm++ Homepage and the various Manuals.

Constructive feedback on how this tutorial could be improved, expanded, simplified, and so on is welcome. Please send any suggestions you may have to ppl@cs.uiuc.edu.

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