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Application Performance of a Linux Cluster using Converse
Workshop on Runtime Systems for Parallel Programming at IPDPS (RTSPP) 2000
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Clusters of PCs are an attractive platform for parallel applications because of their cost effectiveness. We have implemented an interoperable runtime system called Converse on a cluster of Linux PCs connected by an inexpensive switched Fast Ethernet. This paper presents our implementation and its performance evaluation. We consider the question of the performance impact of using inexpensive communication hardware on real applications, using a large production-quality molecular dynamics program, NAMD, that runs on this cluster.
Laxmikant Kale and Robert Brunner and James Phillips and Krishnan Varadarajan, "Application Performance of a Linux Cluster using Converse", Proceedings of 3rd Workshop on Runtime Systems for Parallel Programming, Rolim et al (Eds), Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1586, IPPS/SPDP, Publ: Springer, 1999, pp. 483-495.
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