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CHARM++ : A Portable Concurrent Object Oriented System Based On C++
Object Oriented Programming Systems, Languages and Applications (OOPSLA) 1993
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>We describe Charm++, an object oriented portable parallel programming language based on C++. Its design philosophy, implementation, sample applications and their performance on various parallel machines are described. Charm++ is an explicitly parallel language consisting of C++ with a few extensions. It provides a clear separation between sequential and parallel objects. The execution model of Charm++ is message driven, thus helping one write programs that are latency-tolerant. The language supports multiple inheritance, dynamic binding, overloading, strong typing, and reuse for parallel objects. Charm++ provides specific modes for sharing information between parallel objects. Extensive dynamic load balancing strategies are provided. It is based on the Charm parallel programming system, and its runtime system implementation reuses most of the runtime system for Charm.
Kale, L.V. and Krishnan, S., "CHARM++: A Portable Concurrent Object Oriented System Based on C++", ed. Paepcke, Andreas, Proceedings of OOPSLA'93, Publ: ACM Press, September 1993, pp. 91-108.
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