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06:48 PM Charm++ Bug #1717 (Closed): Sending variable sized messages with std::vectors
06:47 PM Charm++ Bug #1717 (Rejected): Sending variable sized messages with std::vectors
The issue is with the message object's constructor not copying all the elements of the vector into its array members....
11:17 AM Charm++ Feature #1716 (New): Add a strict configure test for C++11 compiler support
We might also want to change the default compiler of BGQ to clang. Otherwise, make sure the error message of using xl...
10:18 AM Charm++ Bug #1714: examples/zerocopy/pingpong crashes intermittently on OFI layer SMP mode builds for pro...
The 6.8.1 release was already tagged.
09:43 AM Charm++ Feature #1704: Add a pamilrts-linux-ppc64le build target


06:40 PM Charm++ Bug #1715: 20% slowdown in ChaNGa after commit 159fd36fc
Do you happen to know if that input case running on that many PEs will result in having many more chares per PE than ...
11:06 AM Charm++ Feature #1657: pxshm/xpmem support for nocopy sends across processes on the same host
See the following paper for a description of how to use XPMEM efficiently. The key is that you can register the entir...


01:52 PM Charm++ Feature #1713 (New): DDT support for getting the addresses of contiguous parts of non-contiguous ...
When sending large buffers consisting of non-contiguous datatypes via the zero copy API, we want to perform multiple ...
09:05 AM Charm++ Feature #112: object location services: Share array element location cache above PE level
AMPI could now benefit from this, and I think many Charm applications already do their own process-level location man...


03:11 PM Charm++ Bug #1104 (Merged): AMPI instances may change if migrated while suspended
The above patches have fixed all known instances of this.

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