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10:54 AM Charm++ Bug #1522: Verbs failure on small messages
This also happens on the iForge cluster at NCSA...
10:30 AM Charm++ Feature #1468: Enable pre-pinning memory for RDMA message sends
Phil suggested a complementary optimization on the GNI RDMA patch ( wh...
10:27 AM Charm++ Feature #68 (Closed): LRTS support for setting up a message to send and transmitting a GET handle
I think this issue is covered by the combination of the separate sender-side and receiver-side issues.
10:25 AM Charm++ Feature #1236: Avoid receiver-side copy for large contiguous messages. API for charm and converse...
It would be good to know what is working and what isn't in this patch:
10:18 AM Charm++ Feature #1237: Onesided sender side implementation for GNI layer
It looks like Nitin has been doing work on this too, so might need to coordinate.
10:14 AM Charm++ Feature #195 (New): Modify old charm++/converse onesided/direct API and examples to new rdma API
Getting GNI and NetLRTS RDMA support working, plus getting real applications (NAMD, OpenAtom, ChaNGa) to use the API,...
08:03 PM Charm++ Bug #1523 (New): Verbs RDMA send fails on 0-byte sized message
Obviously users shouldn't use RDMA sends for 0-byte sized arrays, but we shouldn't fail on this.
When I run AMPI o...
08:02 PM Charm++ Bug #1522 (New): Verbs failure on small messages
If I run tests/charm++/pingpong on Cab @ LLNL with a payload size smaller than 9 bytes, it get the following:


09:41 PM Charm++ Feature #1521: CkIO file read support
Semi-related stackoverflow question:
09:37 PM Charm++ Feature #1521 (New): CkIO file read support
CkIO currently only supports writing files.
Branch rohan/ckioread:

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