Sam White





09:33 PM Charm++ Bug #1509: -tracemode summary always fails an assertion at exit
Does '-tracemode summary' now pass 'make test' for LIBS? If so, we should add it to one of the autobuild targets
09:26 PM Charm++ Bug #1522 (Rejected): Verbs failure on small messages
This only happens with CmiDirect, which I think is being replaced by rdma entry methods...


04:32 PM Charm++ Bug #1542: CkArrayCreated callback should be part of CkArrayOptions
We may want to get any API change here into 6.8.0. We need to decide on the relationship between the new initCallback...
03:03 PM Charm++ Feature #1088: Trace MPI_ functions in AMPI
Change std::map to std::unordered_map:
02:46 PM Charm++ Bug #1570 (New): Cpuaffinity ignores '++quiet'
When specifying a commap, cpuaffinity ignores '++quiet' and prints anyways:...
12:31 PM Charm++ Bug #1561 (Merged): RDMA failures on multicore/SMP builds


08:26 PM Charm++ Feature #1569 (New): Support the Flang Fortran compiler
Add Flang configurations to the build system:


08:29 AM Charm++ Bug #1568 (Merged): ckio failure on netlrts-linux
Autobuild for netlrts-linux failed in the code added here:


05:45 PM Charm++ Feature #1492: Remove need for +LBCommOff
Related: this patch allows '+LBCommOff' to avoid more of the overhead that comm stats collection entails: https://cha...
05:43 PM Charm++ Bug #1514 (Merged): Throw a runtime error for registrations that occur after startup

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