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10:45 AM Charm++ Feature #1070: Migrate lagging 'net' builds to 'netlrts'
net-linux-amd64 and net-linux-cell are the only net builds left without netlrts equivalents. Do we even want to have ...
10:44 AM Charm++ Cleanup #1363: Remove/deprecate dead machine layers
Remaining builds we could potentially remove?...
10:41 AM Charm++ Bug #1201: SMP builds segfault on NULL lock in tests/charm++/chkpt
That failure was happening inside CkNodeReductionMgr, that code has been removed entirely now right?
10:34 AM Charm++ Feature #1074 (Implemented): Migrate net-linux-ppc to netlrts
10:29 AM Charm++ Feature #1072 (Implemented): Migrate net-linux-arm7 to netlrts
Next we would like to start having autobuild test this...
10:26 AM Charm++ Feature #1187: Automatically delegation section work to CkMulticastMgr
This has been fixed right? If so, please post links to the patches that fixed it and mark the issue merged.


10:24 AM Charm++ Bug #1341: AMPI fails to link on mpi-win64
It looks like ampicc is not properly linking in AMPI's libraries/headers, and from a quick look at src/libs/ck-lib/am...


11:41 AM Charm++ Bug #1471: Parallel Prefix No Barrier Example in Charm Tutorial Hangs on MPI Layer
It works for me on beauty with that same build command (on 1 or multiple PEs)... If you can replicate it, where does ...


04:52 PM Charm++ Bug #1470: Investigate broken load balancers in mini-apps
I think we agreed the AMR library could be removed from mainline charm entirely. If someone wants to do LB with AMR t...
02:34 PM Charm++ Cleanup #1203: AMPI forces builds to be serial for ROMIO
Another annoyance with our build our ROMIO is if you build AMPI+ROMIO, then edit AMPI and do 'make AMPI' in the build...

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