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08:34 PM TMS Feature #1619 (New): image display defaults
Does not display correctly with the markdown entry ![text](img_url "title"). Image is displayed at 100% and may over...


12:31 PM TMS Feature #1615 (New): Filtering Todo list
Currently on the homepage of TMS there is a list of pending Todos that are assigned to the user who is signed in. For...


12:01 PM TMS Bug #1552 (Resolved): Private tasks visibility


12:15 PM TMS Bug #1552 (Resolved): Private tasks visibility
Todo items are currently visible only to assignee, should also be visible to tracker.


10:25 AM TMS Feature #1460: Marking a Task as Complete should auto-mark subtasks as Complete
Evan Kay wrote:
> I agree. If I then mark a completed parent task as incomplete, should that also change the subtas...


05:24 PM TMS Bug #1463 (Closed): Home page
Is it possible for it to remember that "show all" was selected for Your Pen...
03:18 PM TMS Bug #1461 (Closed): Viewing Log History
What is the criteria for displaying logs in task view? Looking at the task for Group Meeting, I find that the logs go...
03:15 PM TMS Bug #1385: Fix color scheme
Can the color palette be changed? If not, can we try a darker background just for the section that contains the pie c...
12:26 PM TMS Feature #1460 (Closed): Marking a Task as Complete should auto-mark subtasks as Complete
A feature that was also missing from the old TMS, but if it is possible to mark a top-level task as complete and all ...


01:57 PM Charm++ Support #55 (Resolved): update webpage /help to reflect new urls for fem, ifem, netfem and mblock...
Old links were still in html commented out, they have been updated and uncommented to display. Update has also been t...

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