Ronak Buch





02:50 AM Charm++ Bug #1533 (New): State Space Search Examples Broken
The examples in examples/charm++/state_space_searchengine/ currently don't compile, due to "error: ‘class Main’ has n...


12:52 PM Charm++ Bug #1509: -tracemode summary always fails an assertion at exit
Okay, I'm able to reproduce it for runs with more than 1 PE without production.
11:48 AM Charm++ Bug #1509: -tracemode summary always fails an assertion at exit
I couldn't reproduce this on the latest Charm (HEAD: ddc864b7e) on netlrts-linux-x86_64 (built with ./build charm++ n...


03:22 PM Charm++ Feature #1256 (In Progress): Document '-tracemode perfReport' in the manual
I've been trying to fix the PICS view in Projections, but that's going to require a fairly large time investment, it ...


03:09 PM Charm++ Bug #994 (Implemented): The Projections interface function 'traceUserSuppliedData()' is undocumen...
01:35 PM Charm++ Bug #1162: tracing runs segfault while writing logs
I thought I had added a log here before, but I guess not. I had tried to replicate this when the bug was originally ...


12:06 PM Charm++ Feature #1444: General Implementation for Serializing Enums
Thanks for your patch, Nils. If you'd like, you can directly submit it for code review and merge at https://charm.cs...


03:48 PM Charm++ Bug #1276 (Rejected): net-cygwin: multiple testing failures
The net-cygwin target is no longer relevant.
03:44 PM Charm++ Bug #1289 (Rejected): net-cygwin crashes in megampi
The net-cygwin target is no longer relevant.
12:34 PM Charm++ Feature #275 (In Progress): Performance testing and tuning of CkIO

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