Ehsan Totoni





11:23 AM Charm++ Revision 5419e29d (charm): Adding support for fortran complexes in pup
pup routrines only had support for scalar and 1d complex arrays.
Added support so that complexes are treated just lik...


12:10 AM Charm++ Revision 3e433601 (charm): dust off of apup fortran interface
apup interface is revamped to pup fortran arrays
automatically even if they are not allocated in
the application. The...


02:23 PM Charm++ Revision db5e87e8 (charm): apup routines handle unassociated fortran pointer
Change-Id: Ibb019860e8b378e98221276d3b410fc154d3ce22


11:58 AM Charm++ Bug #692 (Merged): PUP generated for [local] entry method
For HPCCG mini-app, pup functions are generated for a local entry method's arguments. This results in a compiler erro...
10:39 AM Charm++ Bug #691 (Merged): error in completion detection manual
In the manual, the example for completion detection does not have "CkCallback allProduced" in start_detection() call,...


01:51 PM Charm++ Bug #682 (Closed): MPI_Register fortran pointer
One cannot register a fortran pointer with MPI_Register since it expects a pointer to a pointer which is not possible...
01:49 PM Charm++ Bug #681 (Rejected): Isomalloc performance bug on Hopper
Lulesh 2.0 is 2-3 times slower on Hopper when run with iso-malloc. The repository is at benchmarks/lulesh.git.


01:33 PM Charm++ Bug #673 (Closed): AMPI fails reading binary file I/O using gfortran
gfortran has command line argument -fconvert=conversion for converting binary formats. This only works if it is used ...


02:52 PM Charm++ Revision 4b59f41c (charm): Bug #646 Missing $(TESTOPTS) in lots of test
replaced all charmrun occurences with a run function
that add $(TESTOPTS) in all makefiles.
Change-Id: Icc37f934c8a8...


04:40 PM Charm++ Bug #597: AMPI pingpong example segfaults --with-production
I ran thread sanitizer on the example:
on humility: ./build AMPI netlrts-linux-x86_64 smp clang tsan -j16 -O2 -g...

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