Celso Mendes





11:30 PM Charm++ Bug #42: Large TLS segments cause crashes on Cray XE (exposed by AMPI using TLS for privatization)
Cray had responded that they are providing a new option (new env.var) to handle this, in a new CLE. So, they are keep...


12:11 PM Charm++ Bug #84 (Closed): Increase allocation cap from mempool from arbitary limit to INT_MAX
There seems to be a serious problem in the memory allocation scheme provided by mempool under the gemini_gni-crayxe l...


01:34 AM Charm++ Bug #78 (Upstream): AMPI failure with migration under Cray compiler due to tcmalloc bugs or incom...
We are facing errors in AMPI with a version of a Jacobi code using the Cray compiler. This Jacobi code is such that ...


12:03 PM Charm++ Bug #57 (Closed): problem with mempool for AMPI programs
I believe that there is a problem with mempool in Charm++ and it's affecting AMPI programs in some cases.
For curr...


12:47 PM Charm++ Bug #50: isomalloc problem under Cray compiler
As suggested by Gengbin, adding "-memory os-isomalloc -dynamic" to the build line causes the code to build and run fi...
10:40 AM Charm++ Bug #50 (Closed): isomalloc problem under Cray compiler
I'm facing a problem when using isomalloc under an AMPI build with the Cray compiler on Blue Waters.
After buildin...


12:18 AM Charm++ Revision 5050f339 (charm): One more change in the update to Interpolation section
07:18 PM Charm++ Revision 1f34576b (charm): Updates to Interpolation section


04:53 PM Charm++ Revision 6611dab0 (charm): Added the "SAVE" type for variables in Fortran that are "global"


12:10 AM Charm++ Revision dababaff (charm): Changed to reflect new nomenclature and fix numerous bugs

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