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03:21 PM Charm++ Feature #870: SDAG methods marked as [sync] should only return when run to completion
Two contradictory thoughts: (a) should we allow a a threaded method to be also an sdag method? Seems odd.. not quite ...


12:12 PM Charm++ Cleanup #453: Remove unused data members from classes and structs used in the RTS
We need to make sure the extra fields are not added for cache alignment. This is rare, and only happens in message en...


03:25 PM Charm++ Bug #250: Uniquely tag each chare array broadcast to enable true unique delivery
After this bug is fixed, add a test to nightly build (megatest?) to check it continues to work.


02:36 PM Charm++ Bug #806: CkReduction::set breaks CkMulticast section reductions
Sam: I listed (a) as a quickfix. You should do it so your app can continue. If it seems easy enough to do (b) (add th...
02:28 PM Charm++ Bug #806: CkReduction::set breaks CkMulticast section reductions
The only information available at the place where the check is made (near line 1328 in ckmulticast.c) is a a pointer ...
12:42 PM Charm++ Bug #807 (Rejected): redo performance comparison
SInce its an old bug, its worthwhile re-doing a perfoemance comparison.


10:12 AM Charm++ Feature #174: objid_t: Distributed lookup protocol
"a solution" => please record what the solution is in redmine.


02:17 PM Charm++ Feature #174: objid_t: Distributed lookup protocol
A solution is to add an extra bit to the message that provides Index and asks for Location and ID. This bit could be ...
02:17 PM Charm++ 0.20 hour (Feature #174 (Merged): objid_t: Distributed lookup protocol)


12:16 AM Charm++ Bug #358: PAMI SMP Memory fragmentation / leak
So, what possible recourse do we have?

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