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11:10 PM Charm++ Revision 8efa5d74 (charm): Support for out-of-core computation
Out-of-core feature is only enabled when ooc build option is used.
The deprecated support of OOC is also removed.
10:57 PM Charm++ Revision fb708bd9 (charm): fix a typo
Change-Id: I4d21704b02813a2bbb0700be60be4979996c7ef5
07:02 PM Charm++ Bug #1063: Error in buddy assignment code for checkpointing
There is performance difference between the two modes depending on checkpoint size and applications. The original mod...


05:55 PM Charm++ Bug #1063 (In Progress): Error in buddy assignment code for checkpointing
I think this part of code is not used by default (when CMK_CHKP_ALL is 1).
The CMK_CHKP_ALL mode is designed to av...
05:34 PM Charm++ Revision 6edb9614 (charm): remove unused field
Change-Id: I65c0e3aedd90600081f8664106e10576cb151e95
05:19 PM Charm++ Revision 15fac80e (charm): Changes to only enable the out-of-core features when ooc build option ...
The deprecated support of OOC is also removed.
Change-Id: I9d71c64e7c9b931247c8ffcddbcdbad6bb137070


01:04 PM Charm++ Revision 8f91fbab (charm): Support for out-of-core computation
12:52 PM Charm++ Revision e51675d6 (charm): Support for out-of-core computation
02:52 AM Charm++ Revision fa1b3272 (charm): Support for out-of-core computation


02:05 PM Charm++ Revision 954ca849 (charm): Bug 983: enable AMPI restart on less number of processors
The default mapping for tcham is PropMap. The pup function
for PropMap does not handle the case when the number of

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