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01:37 PM Charm++ Bug #2030: tests/ampi/megampi crashes in MPI_Comm_free
It looks like the original failure on mpi-win-x86_64-smp and multicore-win-x86_64 is due to two compounding problems....


05:59 PM Charm++ Documentation #1638 (Merged): Manual has incorrect populateInitial API
05:59 PM Charm++ Bug #1688 (Merged): Core Dump file not available unless `--disable-charmdebug` is used while buil...
12:19 PM Charm++ Bug #2063: CkCallback::ckExit does not work with interop mode
This is probably a matter of undefining (and redefining?) the macro magic to allow an optional parameter in C.


01:00 PM Charm++ Feature #1964: Enable +isomalloc_sync by default for AMPI
A shared filesystem on something like netlrts depends on how the user sets up the run. The thing to do would probably...
12:42 PM Charm++ Feature #1964: Enable +isomalloc_sync by default for AMPI
Which platforms should not enable +isomalloc_sync by default?


10:29 PM Charm++ Bug #2046 (Merged): TRAM doesn't appear to support higher dimensional chare arrays
10:29 PM Charm++ Bug #1957 (Merged): Out of bounds std::vector accesses in NDMeshStreamer


02:20 PM Charm++ Cleanup #1314: Replace widespread dynamic allocated arrays with std::vector
02:20 PM Charm++ Cleanup #1982: Rewrite conv-conds.c in C++

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