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02:51 PM Charm++ Bug #1571 (Merged): Documentation for ReadOnly is inaccurate regarding the number of copies per p...
"They are broadcast to every PE by the Charm++ runtime, and can be accessed in the same way as C++ ``global'' variabl...


05:37 PM Charm++ Bug #1547 (In Progress): Deprecate the FFT library in ck-libs in favor of Nikhil's new FFT library
There are a few complications to accomplishing this in that Nikhil's fft library is not a drop in replacement for the...


04:30 PM Charm++ Support #1512 (New): Measure test coverage
It would be helpful to know the coverage that our tests provide for the core functionality.
One commonly available...


05:08 PM Charm++ Cleanup #595: Cut long-running tests & examples out of 'make test'
The two commbench tests which take the longest are pingpong and flood. Each of these has entirely hard coded paramete...
04:04 PM Charm++ Cleanup #595: Cut long-running tests & examples out of 'make test'
Here is an individual test time breakdown for make test netlrts-linux-x86_64 smp --with-production on intellect
02:15 PM Charm++ Cleanup #1363 (Implemented): Remove/deprecate dead machine layers uses a #pragma and a launch time print to warn the user to use netlrt...


04:53 PM Charm++ Feature #1497 (New): Shared memory method to pass data between processes that share the same node
PXSHM exists for this purpose on the net layers. However it is not generally used in SMP mode to exchange data when ...
03:56 PM Charm++ Documentation #1251: Document shrink/expand in the manual
Add this to the experimental features section.


05:24 PM CharmDebug Bug #1485: CharmDebug in SMP mode does not work
See the bohm/charmdebugpatch branch for a hacky workaround to that hang.


01:25 PM Charm++ Cleanup #473: Licensing of library code in Data Transfer library is no longer a valid URL. Wayback machine doesn't have a copy due to robots.txt.
Magic So...

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