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  • Charm++ (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 02/06/2013)
  • Projections (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 07/25/2013)
  • CharmDebug (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 08/05/2013)
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  • Charm-NG (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 01/24/2018)



11:52 AM Charm++ Cleanup #2057 (New): Revise agreement to cover github distribution and license to address all com...
Usage of Charm++ in a commercial context in a non-distributed, or purely internal, use case should be explicitly cons...


12:38 PM Charm++ Feature #2042: Add [whenidle] to simplify speculative execution
Basic pattern (without templates or dependencies on more than C based trickery) is:...
10:49 AM Charm++ Feature #2042 (New): Add [whenidle] to simplify speculative execution
There are various cases where some computation can be done in the absence of other work, but would be of a low priori...


03:13 PM Charm++ Documentation #1768: document CkIO
Having real documentation of how to use this API is still highly desirable.
03:11 PM Charm++ Bug #81 (Rejected): Manytomany on PAMI SMP hangs without Async
03:11 PM Charm++ Bug #81: Manytomany on PAMI SMP hangs without Async
Old CkDirect based version slated for removal. PAMI support for this appears to be dead. Basic idea needs reconstru...


03:58 PM Charm++ Cleanup #2034 (New): Deprecate message logging fault tolerance
Disused and accumulating digital rust.
Mark for deprecations with compile time, runtime warnings.
Add remark to r...
03:55 PM Charm++ Cleanup #2033 (New): Deprecate Bigsim
superceded by CODES and Charades and other virtualization techniques.
Add deprecation to release notes.
Add co...


12:46 PM Charm++ Bug #2014: Large scale openatom runs fail due to running out of element bits combined with building charm with -DCMK_OBJID_COLLECTION_BITS=...
10:49 AM Charm++ Bug #2015 (Rejected): build issues associated with 6.9 RC
See slack build discussion for details, attempts to replicate using clang7 have so far not been successful. Root cau...

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