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  • Charm++ (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 02/06/2013)
  • Projections (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 07/25/2013)
  • CharmDebug (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 08/05/2013)
  • ChaNGa (Developer, 01/10/2014)
  • Charm-NG (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 01/24/2018)



01:20 PM Charm++ Bug #1960: tests/charm++/megatest hangs on netlrts-win-x86_64-smp build
Last night it got through megatest but not simplearrayhello. So there is something peculiar going on in our windows ...


10:30 AM Charm++ Bug #1976 (New): ci files with extensive code blocks result in incorrect line numbering in synta...
unclear exactly what trips up the translator, but I've found the charmxi emitted line numbers for errors to be garbag...


03:54 PM Charm++ Support #1512: Measure test coverage
Currently tracked over time here:
03:54 PM Charm++ 2.00 hours (Support #1512 (Resolved): Measure test coverage)
03:49 PM Charm++ Feature #1974 (New): nocopy accelerated section multicast
It should be possible to reduce the number of copies required to implement a section multicast.
Especially if the ...
03:13 PM Charm++ Bug #1936: pose.decl.h is not found when using pose.h in the BigNetSim emulator
BigNetSim should be deprecated as its functionality has been subsumed in Charades and Tracer.


12:51 PM Charm++ Bug #1956: tests/charm++/sdag/migration and tests/charm++/sdag/anytimeMigration fail on mpi-win-x...
On a related note, the format of testing for mpi-win-smp seems to be running all tests with PPN = 1. Which means its...


02:47 PM Charm++ Support #1512 (Resolved): Measure test coverage


01:22 PM Charm++ Cleanup #1454: GPUManager API change
Could we get a status update for the GPU issues? What is blocking progress on these?


02:15 PM Projections Bug #1928: Projections shows idle time for offloaded work from OpenMP pragmas
this is for a benchmark that uses openmp, no time is attributed in timeline. Whereas a timeline style view from vtun...

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