Eric Bohm



  • Charm++ (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 02/06/2013)
  • Projections (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 07/25/2013)
  • CharmDebug (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 08/05/2013)
  • ChaNGa (Developer, 01/10/2014)
  • Charm-NG (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 01/24/2018)



02:47 PM Charm++ Support #1512 (Resolved): Measure test coverage


01:22 PM Charm++ Cleanup #1454: GPUManager API change
Could we get a status update for the GPU issues? What is blocking progress on these?


02:15 PM Projections Bug #1928: Projections shows idle time for off loaded work from openMP pragmas
this is for a benchmark that uses openmp, no time is attributed in timeline. Whereas a timeline style view from vtun...


11:41 AM Charm++ Support #1512: Measure test coverage has the updated patch
It will build charm with --coverage, ...
11:41 AM Charm++ 8.00 hours (Support #1512 (Resolved): Measure test coverage)
Refined original script to be more general


01:52 PM Charm++ Support #1512 (In Progress): Measure test coverage


11:12 AM Charm++ Feature #871: Return data from [sync] SDAG methods
Reassigned to Eric M to review state of this task.
11:07 AM Charm++ Cleanup #1315: examples/charm++/jacobi*d are non-exemplary HPC code, using nested arrays
Assigning to Juan for eventual reassignment to interns or newer junior students as this seems like a worthy learning ...
11:05 AM Projections Feature #1004: View showing messages grouped by size
Assigned to Ronak, but this seems like a good intern project.
11:00 AM Charm++ Cleanup #1898: C++ cleanup of code formerly compiled as C
We should probably break this down into a few different subtasks based on the categorical changes left. Some of the ...

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