Jaemin Choi





12:34 PM Charm++ Bug #1518 (Merged): net-linux-x86_64-ibverbs-smp-iccstatic build failure in machine-ibverbs.c
11:34 AM Charm++ Bug #1518: net-linux-x86_64-ibverbs-smp-iccstatic build failure in machine-ibverbs.c
Non-lrts layers do not include @util/machine-common-core.c@ and do not print information about the comm threads to th...


04:26 PM Charm++ Feature #1468 (In Progress): Enable pre-pinning memory for RDMA message sends
@CmiAlloc()@ calls @infi_CmiAlloc()@ underneath, which in turn calls @getInfiCmiChunk()@ where the memory is actually...


04:10 PM Charm++ Cleanup #1491 (New): Update documentation of GPUManager
Update the documentation of GPUManager to match the redesign.
03:47 PM Charm++ Cleanup #1490 (New): Automatically set NVCC path in Makefile of example program
We should create a script that is called inside each Makefile that finds out the path to NVCC and use that to compile...
03:45 PM Charm++ Cleanup #1489 (New): Delete GPU dummy mempool
The dummy mempool inside GPUManager has not been used in a while, and should be removed.


07:37 PM Charm++ Bug #1409: verbs crashes on Stampede KNL
I accidentally compiled and tested the netlrts layer, and that worked fine.
That brings up my question: are we suppo...
07:13 PM Charm++ Bug #1441 (Implemented): Lies at startup about "The comm. thread both sends and receives messages"
Patch pushed to gerrit [[]]


02:49 PM Charm++ Bug #1462: Programs hang at startup with CUDA build
There is a mempool initialization step that does a bunch of @cudaMallocHost@ calls (which I believe has nothing to do...


04:21 PM Charm++ Bug #1464: CUDA example programs hang when run with 1 PE
Thought it might be because of the handler functions indices, so wrapped and moved out @CmiRegisterHandler()@ calls t...

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