Kavitha Chandrasekar





02:52 PM Charm++ Feature #858 (In Progress): improve efficiency of exclusive entry methods
02:48 PM Charm++ Feature #1433 (Implemented): lambda syntax for CkLoop
This patch adds Jim's lambda syntax prototype to CkLoop. I will loo...


02:11 PM Charm++ Feature #858: improve efficiency of exclusive entry methods
This commit is a fix for exclusive entry methods without arguments.


03:23 PM Charm++ Bug #1653: NeighborLB segfaults during startup in SMP/multicore builds
The fix is to initialize CmiNodeLock in topology.C in SMP mode from _initCharm(). We might need to see if use of LBTo...


01:44 PM Charm++ Bug #1649: NullLB shouldn't wait for LB period
Discussed this issue, Juan suggested one solution could be that we call ResumeFromSync from CkMigratable::AtSync when...


04:25 PM Charm++ Documentation #1604: FAQ: 5 . 0 . 5 When I try to use the ++debug option I get: remote host not r...
04:01 PM Charm++ Documentation #1600 (Implemented): FAQ: 3 . 1 . 6 Does Charm++ do automatic load balancing withou...
Not adding Metabalancer strategy selection yet, since the correspondi...


10:04 AM Charm++ Bug #1275: DistributedLB: Objects not migrating after strategy runs
I have updated the gerrit patch with Harshitha's fix from her branch. ...


01:43 PM Charm++ Bug #887: Investigate initialization of NullLB WRT thread safety
When Group constructors are invoked on PE 0, broadcast messages are sent to other PEs to create the Group's chares on...


11:32 AM Charm++ Bug #887: Investigate initialization of NullLB WRT thread safety
Yes, we did talk about deferring the bug. I will take a look at it today and if I cannot simulate the race, I will up...

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