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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Charm++03/28/2019Michael RobsonBug DiagnosisBug #1940: Singleton chare and nodegroup creation hangs with randomized queues in SMP mode1.00
Charm++10/02/2018Eric BohmReviewCleanup #1907: Reimplement CmiNumNodes et al using hwlocCmiNumNodes is information you cannot get from the HWLOC API.0.10
Charm++09/06/2018Eric BohmDevelopmentSupport #1512: Measure test coverage2.00
Charm++08/22/2018Michael RobsonDevelopmentFeature #693: add CcdCallBacksReset() to header file (or improve callback frequency)0.70
Charm++08/22/2018Michael RobsonDesignFeature #693: add CcdCallBacksReset() to header file (or improve callback frequency)3.60
Charm++05/30/2018Eric BohmDevelopmentSupport #1512: Measure test coverageRefined original script to be more general8.00
Charm++04/05/2018Samarth KulshreshthaReviewSupport #1725: Improve pup_stl testing5.00
Charm++01/11/2018Jim PhillipsDevelopmentBug #1770: when cross-compiling for KNL, charmc -host uses -xMIC-AVX512 command-line argument to build charmxi3.00
Charm++09/14/2017Jim PhillipsBug DiagnosisBug #1676: Replicas slower than separate jobs on GNI systems1.00
Charm++07/14/2017Eric BohmBug DiagnosisBug #1630: OpenAtom crashes during launch at startup on BlueWaters using master charm (again)sort of replicated on edison3.00
Charm++07/14/2017Jim PhillipsDevelopmentBug #1627: preserving OPTS_CXX breaks application builds on different machinesNo longer an issue.1.00
Charm++06/18/2017Nitin BhatBug DiagnosisBug #1613: Fix autobuild failure in mpi-win-x86_64 caused by examples/rdma/stencil3d3.00
Charm++05/07/2017Nitin BhatDevelopmentBug #1540: Memory leaks in RDMA1.50
Charm++04/25/2017Nitin BhatDevelopmentBug #1527: Unused Parameter Warning in Entry Methods with no Parameters1.00
Charm++04/15/2017Michael RobsonDevelopmentBug #1487: Leaving -DGPU_MEMPOOl causes gpu manager to not build2.00
Charm++04/14/2017Michael RobsonDevelopmentBug #1488: GPU manager runs out of memory on talent1.00
Charm++04/13/2017Michael RobsonDevelopmentDocumentation #1082: Improve SMP mode documentation2.33
Charm++04/13/2017Nitin BhatBug DiagnosisBug #987: Entry methods with no parameters can't be called with CkEntryOptions, can't take group construction dependence.0.30
Charm++03/13/2017Nitin BhatDevelopmentFeature #1458: Zero-copy send support for the MPI machine layer15.00
Charm++02/23/2017Jim PhillipsDevelopmentFeature #1433: lambda syntax for CkLoop3.00
Charm++02/22/2017Jim PhillipsDevelopmentBug #1442: CkLoop fixed tree limits helper recruitment1.00
Charm++02/07/2017Nitin BhatDevelopmentBug #1392: Stampede test script fails during autobuild (verbs)2.00
Charm++02/07/2017Michael RobsonDevelopmentBug #815: Makefile for hybrid API is not using the system OPTS0.50
Charm++02/06/2017Michael RobsonDevelopmentCleanup #512: Remove duplication of conv-mach files7.50
Charm++02/06/2017Nitin BhatDevelopmentBug #738: prevent direct calls to sdag entry functions2.00
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