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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Charm++08/22/2018Michael RobsonDesignFeature #693: add CcdCallBacksReset() to header file (or improve callback frequency)3.60
Charm++02/15/2016Michael RobsonDesignCleanup #512: Remove duplication of conv-mach files3.00
Charm++02/15/2016Michael RobsonDesignBug #788: Out of tree build broken for CUDA3.00
Charm++11/23/2015Shanna DeSouzaDesignSupport #897: Charm++ Mailing List link broken on websiteResearched cause of issue, Figured out solution, Tested and confirmed1.50
Charm++02/08/2015Lukasz WesolowskiDesignCleanup #512: Remove duplication of conv-mach files0.50
Charm++02/08/2015Lukasz WesolowskiDesignBug #610: jacobi3d-gauss0.50
Charm++02/07/2015Laxmikant "Sanjay" KaleDesignFeature #174: objid_t: Distributed lookup protocol0.20
Charm++02/05/2015Michael RobsonDesignBug #503: Replace use of obsolete memalign function with posix_memalignGenerated list of locations to fix and started converting.0.50
Charm++01/27/2015Eric BohmDesignBug #429: bgtest targets should fail when run on non-bigsim builds2.00
Charm++12/22/2014Jim PhillipsDesignFeature #636: add CkLoop to standard build0.10
Charm++07/28/2014Jim PhillipsDesignBug #529: LrtsInitCpuTopo() operates asynchronously and overlaps with group constructors3.00
Charm++05/22/2014Jim PhillipsDesignFeature #499: extend +pemap notation to interleave hyperthreads0.10
Charm++10/10/2013Ronak BuchDesignBug #277: Make manual LB invocation more straightfoward, and document it1.00
Charm++08/09/2013Phil MillerDesignFeature #263: Record the size each object's migration data in the LB database2.00
Charm++07/08/2013Ramprasad VenkataramanDesignFeature #174: objid_t: Distributed lookup protocol1.00
Charm++06/20/2013Abhishek GuptaDesignFeature #236: Charm++ Shrink-Expand (malleable jobs, dynamically varying node count)Documenting Issues8.00
Charm++04/12/2013Phil MillerDesignFeature #170: objid_t: Basic definitions and use in envelopeBasic definitions, and clearing the path for implementation2.50
Charm++04/09/2013Phil MillerDesignFeature #108: Fixed-size object IDsAnalysis, investigation, discussion, planning6.00
Charm++04/05/2013Ramprasad VenkataramanDesignFeature #108: Fixed-size object IDsinitial task breakdown discussions1.50
Charm++04/01/2013Nikhil JainDesign#1240.50
Charm++03/06/2013Nikhil JainDesignBug #70: Physical node detection broken on PAMI-LRTS with partitions1.00
Charm++09/06/2018Eric BohmDevelopmentSupport #1512: Measure test coverage2.00
Charm++08/22/2018Michael RobsonDevelopmentFeature #693: add CcdCallBacksReset() to header file (or improve callback frequency)0.70
Charm++05/30/2018Eric BohmDevelopmentSupport #1512: Measure test coverageRefined original script to be more general8.00
Charm++01/11/2018Jim PhillipsDevelopmentBug #1770: when cross-compiling for KNL, charmc -host uses -xMIC-AVX512 command-line argument to build charmxi3.00
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