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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Charm++03/24/2013Esteban MenesesDevelopmentSupport #99: 6.5.0 on Kraken1.00
Charm++03/22/2013Esteban MenesesDevelopmentBug #125: net-linux-x86_64-causalft fails in recovery after envelope reduction changesThe message-logging code was missing some of the new updates in message type.2.00
Charm++03/19/2013Phil MillerDevelopmentFeature #26: Eliminate need to call CBase_Foo::pup in Foo::pup10.00
Charm++03/18/2013Phil MillerDevelopmentFeature #26: Eliminate need to call CBase_Foo::pup in Foo::pup3.00
Charm++03/18/2013Phil MillerDevelopmentFeature #26: Eliminate need to call CBase_Foo::pup in Foo::pup1.00
Charm++03/15/2013Michael RobsonDevelopmentCleanup #48: Factor out SdagConstruct types into separate classesDo an example factoring out for the atomic construct with Phil.1.50
Charm++03/14/2013Nikhil JainDevelopmentFeature #91: Architecture target for Cray XCPorting of gemini_gni to gni-crayxc3.00
Charm++03/06/2013Nikhil JainDesignBug #70: Physical node detection broken on PAMI-LRTS with partitions1.00
Charm++03/06/2013Nikhil JainDevelopmentBug #57: problem with mempool for AMPI programs7.00
Charm++03/03/2013Nikhil JainDevelopmentBug #61: PAMI NAMD Exit issue1.00
Charm++03/01/2013Eric BohmDevelopmentCleanup #64: remove archaic entries from FAQGot the most egregious stuff. The claims about STL support being dodgy are a little dusty, but may still be true.2.00
Charm++02/20/2013Ramprasad VenkataramanDevelopmentSupport #36: Nightly manual rebuildcleaned up list of manuals that are built. make web now runs without issues1.00
Charm++02/11/2013Lukasz WesolowskiDevelopmentSupport #36: Nightly manual rebuildneeds some more work in resolving build-related errors1.50
Charm++02/11/2013Nikhil JainDevelopmentBug #43: Incorrect result on BGQ0.50
Charm++02/09/2013Nikhil JainDevelopmentBug #43: Incorrect result on BGQIncludes understand the issue, testing, building, etc time.1.00
Charm++02/09/2013Nikhil JainDevelopmentBug #15: Non-isomalloc threads2.00
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