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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1328FeatureNewNormalAMPI shrink/expand example and documentationSam White01/17/2019 01:23 PM
1436FeatureNewNormaltrace CcdCallFnAfter() causalityRonak Buch01/17/2019 01:21 PM
1449FeatureNewNormalAMPI support for MPI_Win_allocate_sharedSam White01/17/2019 01:21 PM
1473BugImplementedNormalverbs build hangs in tests/charm++/communication_overheadEric Bohm01/17/2019 01:21 PM
1689BugIn ProgressNormalCMK_TIMER_USE_PPC64 inaccurate with variable clock speedsRonak Buch01/17/2019 01:20 PM
1774BugNewNormalThread migration fails on ppc64le buildsSam White01/17/2019 01:20 PM
1987FeatureNewNormalTake advantage of streamable reductions inside CkMulticastRaghavendra Kanakagiri01/17/2019 01:17 PM
69FeatureNewNormalGet large messages directed at migrated objects directly from the senderNitin Bhat01/17/2019 01:15 PM
159BugNewLowSome CkCallback types are not valid across checkpoint/restartJuan Galvez01/17/2019 01:15 PM
902BugIn ProgressNormalProjections shows garbage for the source PE of a chare array insertion eventSam White01/17/2019 01:15 PM
903BugIn ProgressNormalckexit with interop hangs sometimesEric Mikida01/17/2019 01:15 PM
1040FeatureNewNormalsupport multiple InfiniBand cards per nodeNitin Bhat01/17/2019 01:15 PM
1035BugIn ProgressNormalIdle PEs compete with comm thread for node queue lockMichael Robson01/17/2019 01:14 PM
1732SupportNewNormalAdd CUDA as an option in the build scriptJaemin Choi01/17/2019 01:14 PM
1761SupportIn ProgressHighUpdate GPU Manager Tracing APIJaemin Choi01/17/2019 01:14 PM
1492FeatureIn ProgressNormalRemove need for +LBCommOffKavitha Chandrasekar01/17/2019 01:14 PM
1510BugIn ProgressNormalHang in tests/charm++/chkpt when using -tracemode perfReportRonak Buch01/17/2019 01:14 PM
1545BugNewNormalSerialize std::vector with Custom AllocatorPPL01/17/2019 01:14 PM
1548SupportNewNormalReassess whether the primary scheduler thread should support CthSuspendPPL01/17/2019 01:13 PM
1640BugIn ProgressNormalSegfault during migration for AMPI in SMP mode with "-tracemode projections"Matthias Diener01/17/2019 01:13 PM
1676BugNewNormalReplicas slower than separate jobs on GNI systemsPPL01/17/2019 01:13 PM
1671BugNewNormalVerbs memory pool may leak pinned memory when message is deleted on a PE different from the one to which it was deliveredMichael Robson01/17/2019 01:13 PM
1994FeatureIn ProgressNormalMulti-GPU support with hwlocJaemin Choi01/17/2019 01:13 PM
1940BugNewNormalSingleton chare and nodegroup creation hangs with randomized queues in SMP modeMichael Robson01/17/2019 01:13 PM
1691FeatureNewLowGPU Handler PEsJaemin Choi01/16/2019 04:19 PM
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