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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1936BugNewLowpose.decl.h is not found when using pose.h in the BigNetSim emulator 09/06/2018 03:13 PM
1935BugFeedbackLowCharm++ version and commit information is not available in tarball downloads of repoRonak Buch08/17/2018 05:35 PM
1899BugNewLowAMPI jacobi.iso crashes in migration on gni-crayxe-persistent-smp autobuildSam White07/03/2018 03:31 PM
1859BugNewLowMegampi hangs on multicore-linux-x86_64 with +CmiSleepOnIdleSam White07/03/2018 03:30 PM
1836CleanupNewLowCleanup warnings in charmdebug-python03/26/2018 07:57 PM
1787DocumentationNewLowAMPI+OpenMP documentation & exampleSam White04/11/2019 05:04 PM
1769FeatureNewLowAMPI implementation of Buffered sendsSam White11/11/2018 05:08 PM
1762CleanupNewLowResolve circular dependence in charmc's linking of memory/thread libraries04/08/2018 07:57 PM
1691FeatureNewLowGPU Handler PEsJaemin Choi01/16/2019 04:19 PM
1636BugNewLowUpdate the machine layer template configuration in src/arch/templateNitin Bhat10/11/2017 03:21 PM
1635BugNewLowCleanup and Activate the Charm++ Topology ExamplesJuan Galvez10/11/2017 03:21 PM
1557BugNewLowAMPI bindings for C-Fortran interop are incompleteSam White11/11/2018 05:08 PM
1505CleanupNewLowDeprecate hapi_pool* in favor of hapi_host*Michael Robson04/11/2019 05:04 PM
1476CleanupNewLowFix Make.depends for libraries03/30/2017 04:55 PM
1459FeatureNewLowZero-copy send support for the netlrts machine layerNitin Bhat09/20/2018 01:29 PM
1337BugNewLowCpv Declarations of types with constructors may induce 'static initialization order fiasco'03/14/2018 12:16 PM
1328FeatureNewLowAMPI shrink/expand example and documentationSam White04/11/2019 05:04 PM
1281BugNewLowBigsim crash in SDAG code in examples/charm++/load_balancing/stencil3dEric Mikida10/11/2017 03:24 PM
1260FeatureNewLowMPI_T tools interface support in AMPI10/15/2016 12:26 PM
1202BugNewLowMemory leaks in converse's cldbJuan Galvez10/11/2017 03:19 PM
1159BugIn ProgressLowAMPI should check for truncated messagesSam White10/11/2017 03:10 PM
1095FeatureIn ProgressLowImprove AMPI error handlingSam White10/30/2017 11:34 PM
1039FeatureNewLowreject pemap/commap with duplicate or too few cpusEvan Ramos06/21/2018 04:04 PM
1015CleanupNewLowmpi-coexist example hardcodes C++ compiler flagsSam White12/13/2017 03:09 PM
1005BugNewLowSome Projections views broken for AMPI with user-registered functionsRonak Buch07/09/2018 11:24 PM
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