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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1810FeatureMergedNormalDirect API - Support multiple user operation modesNitin Bhat04/05/2018 10:15 AM
1809FeatureMergedNormalDirect API for the OFI layerNitin Bhat04/05/2018 02:42 PM
1808FeatureMergedNormalDirect API for the MPI layerNitin Bhat04/05/2018 12:25 PM
1807FeatureMergedNormalDirect API for the Verbs layerNitin Bhat04/05/2018 02:42 PM
1805FeatureMergedNormalDirect API for the GNI layerNitin Bhat04/05/2018 11:55 AM
1804FeatureMergedNormalDirect API - Add CMA support for netlrts, multicore and pami buildsNitin Bhat04/02/2018 04:14 PM
1803FeatureMergedNormalDirect API for the LRTS layer Nitin Bhat04/03/2018 07:21 PM
1802FeatureMergedNormalDirect API for the generic layer (non-rdma based default implementation) Nitin Bhat03/06/2018 12:28 PM
1766FeatureMergedNormalAdd an ampirun script as drop-in replacement for mpiexecMatthias Diener02/10/2018 11:06 PM
1748FeatureMergedNormalCharmPy support in Charm++Juan Galvez03/12/2018 08:52 AM
1741FeatureMergedNormalInterface to reductions taking std::vector instead of a bare pointerPhil Miller11/09/2017 12:27 AM
1739FeatureMergedNormalImprove PUP performance of std::vector<T> where T is PUPbytesSam White03/02/2018 11:21 AM
1730FeatureMergedLowThe RTS should set std::set_terminateMatthias Diener02/14/2018 02:45 PM
1727FeatureMergedNormalMake Boost uFcontext the default ULT implementation on supported platformsSeonmyeong Bak01/19/2018 04:29 PM
1723FeatureMergedNormalRebase the OpenMP version onto the latest version of LLVM runtime librarySeonmyeong Bak01/14/2018 02:23 PM
1722FeatureRejectedNormalpxshm for mpi layerSam White11/10/2017 09:07 AM
1721FeatureRejectedNormalpxshm in OFINitin Bhat11/10/2017 09:12 AM
1704FeatureMergedNormalAdd a pamilrts-linux-ppc64le build targetNitin Bhat03/14/2018 04:42 PM
1682FeatureMergedNormalExpose Arrays' Index Type as a Type AliasEvan Ramos11/07/2017 08:28 AM
1673FeatureMergedNormalBasic OFI (libfabric) network layer using PSM transportNitin Bhat09/11/2017 04:09 PM
1670FeatureMergedNormalMigration of Taskqueue from Ck to Converse layerSeonmyeong Bak01/16/2018 12:08 PM
1655FeatureMergedNormalEnable use of shm transport for regular messages in LRTSNitin Bhat02/23/2018 10:37 AM
1637FeatureMergedNormalZero-copy send support in the OFI layerNitin Bhat10/13/2017 11:07 AM
1631FeatureMergedNormalAMPI lacks API to clear LB databaseSam White07/13/2017 09:51 PM
1626FeatureMergedUrgentModify the keyword "rdma" to "nocopy"Nitin Bhat07/11/2017 02:34 PM
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