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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1812BugRejectedNormalcharmc option "-ld" to specify linker conflicts with passing "-ld" to link libd.soEvan Ramos02/23/2018 09:07 AM
1799BugMergedNormalCharm++ program segfaults when an element from a nodegroup proxy is used for message passingRonak Buch02/19/2018 09:57 AM
1793BugMergedNormalIsomalloc breaks in hwloc on multicore-darwin-x86_64Sam White02/07/2018 05:13 PM
1792BugMergedHighAMPI failing occasionally during migration in PUP of MPI_Info objectsSam White02/07/2018 05:12 PM
1791BugMergedNormalddt dependence missing in AMPI's makefileMatthias Diener02/01/2018 04:42 PM
1786BugMergedHighAssertion "thisDim < thatDim" failed in file cklocation.C line 2880Seonmyeong Bak02/09/2018 05:26 PM
1785BugClosedHighThe manual isn't building correctly / updating onlinePPL02/01/2018 08:27 AM
1782BugMergedNormalcharmrun ++local dies without error message on non-existent programDong Hun Lee01/30/2018 11:21 PM
1779BugMergedNormalWindows autobuild failures caused by charmxi identation change (issue #1535)Nitin Bhat01/23/2018 07:02 PM
1776BugMergedNormalnetlrts-darwin-x86_64 autobuild failing due changes in CmiTmpAllocSam White01/16/2018 04:38 PM
1770BugMergedHighwhen cross-compiling for KNL, charmc -host uses -xMIC-AVX512 command-line argument to build charmxiJim Phillips01/12/2018 02:39 PM
1764BugMergedNormalFix AMPI on mpi-windows buildsMatthias Diener02/13/2018 08:25 AM
1749BugMergedHighCMA fails at Runtime when OS doesn't provide permissionsNitin Bhat12/08/2017 12:07 PM
1747BugMergedNormalhwloc Breaking ROMIO Configure ScriptEvan Ramos12/05/2017 09:57 AM
1746BugMergedNormalbuild --help needs information from src/scripts/configureEvan Ramos01/13/2018 01:05 PM
1745BugMergedHighwhen building with icc, charmc -host uses gcc and errors on icc-specific command-line optionsEvan Ramos12/05/2017 10:21 AM
1744BugMergedNormalICC builds with too old libstdc++ not rejected during configurationSam White11/29/2017 11:45 AM
1743BugMergedNormalDarwin (MacOS) build error with Xcode 9Evan Ramos12/05/2017 11:34 AM
1735BugMergedNormalHang in syncfttest restart after fixing #537Ronak Buch11/02/2017 04:44 PM
1728BugRejectedNormalDarwin clang compilation fails without -D_DARWIN_C_SOURCE on Sierra11/02/2017 12:28 PM
1726BugMergedNormalBigsim autobuild failures in checkpoint/restart testPhil Miller11/02/2017 04:44 PM
1724BugMergedNormalMake BGQ builds default to using bgclangSam White12/06/2017 09:20 AM
1718BugClosedNormalConfigure check for C++11 support10/24/2017 09:03 PM
1717BugClosedNormalSending variable sized messages with std::vectors10/20/2017 06:48 PM
1716BugMergedHighAdd a strict configure test for C++11 compiler supportSam White11/05/2017 08:08 PM
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