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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1432CleanupNewNormaldocument CkLoop caller functionSeonmyeong Bak02/17/2017 01:36 PM
1423CleanupNewNormalConditionalize PUP sizing on load balancers' needsKavitha Chandrasekar02/15/2017 06:42 PM
1422CleanupIn ProgressNormalCleanup dangling issues from 64bit mergeEric Mikida02/15/2017 05:55 PM
1418CleanupImplementedNormalRemove commlibInfo from _CkSectionInfoStructJuan Galvez02/15/2017 11:58 AM
1416CleanupMergedNormalEliminate use of deprecated/removed keyword 'register'Sam White02/15/2017 03:54 PM
1365CleanupMergedNormalDeduplicate AmpiRequest routines and their handling of NULL statusesSam White02/01/2017 09:29 AM
1363CleanupNewNormalRemove/deprecate dead machine layers03/23/2017 10:44 AM
1346CleanupImplementedNormalRemove AMPI's MSGLOG support for sequential re-run of parallel executionSam White01/19/2017 04:38 PM
1315CleanupNewNormalexamples/charm++/jacobi*d are non-exemplary HPC code, using nested arrays11/30/2016 12:46 PM
1314CleanupNewNormalReplace widespread dynamic allocated arrays with std::vector12/07/2016 11:18 AM
1311CleanupNewNormalAlign XL-specific conditional compilation (TRAM, std::unordered_map) to relevant versionsRonak Buch12/23/2016 07:58 PM
1271CleanupClosedNormalUpdate READMERonak Buch10/28/2016 04:57 PM
1266CleanupNewNormalApply C++11 atomic feature to lock operations for the integrated LLVM OpenMP Library Seonmyeong Bak10/25/2016 05:18 PM
1265CleanupIn ProgressNormalDocument LLVM OpenMP runtime integrationSeonmyeong Bak03/14/2017 06:40 PM
1249CleanupMergedNormalDeprecate setReductionClient and CkSetReductionClientRonak Buch11/03/2016 12:02 PM
1203CleanupNewNormalAMPI forces builds to be serial for ROMIOSam White03/16/2017 02:34 PM
1192CleanupNewLowAMPI is missing const qualifiers on buffer arguments to communication routinesSam White01/11/2017 11:24 PM
1151CleanupMergedNormalEliminate AMPI ROMIO compiler warningsSam White09/28/2016 10:05 PM
1109CleanupMergedNormalRemove copyglobals support from ConverseSam White06/27/2016 01:48 PM
1106CleanupMergedNormalRemove copyglobals support from AMPISam White06/27/2016 01:49 PM
1103CleanupImplementedNormalRefactor AMPI virtual topologiesEdward Hutter08/26/2016 03:04 PM
1091CleanupMergedNormalMake string arguments for user event tracing routines constSam White06/06/2016 12:26 PM
1089CleanupMergedNormalAMPI_Probe should use ampi::blockOnRecv()Sam White06/08/2016 03:47 PM
1082CleanupNewNormalImprove SMP mode documentationMichael Robson02/01/2017 10:43 PM
1065CleanupIn ProgressNormalCreate a more efficient caching structure for location lookupEric Mikida02/01/2017 01:46 PM
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