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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1474BugNewNormalmpi-win-x86_64 fails in collidethread example03/28/2017 12:45 PM
1473BugImplementedNormalverbs build hangs in tests/charm++/communication_overhead03/22/2017 11:29 AM
1471BugNewNormalParallel Prefix No Barrier Example in Charm Tutorial Hangs on MPI Layer03/20/2017 11:41 AM
1470BugNewNormalInvestigate broken load balancers in mini-appsKavitha Chandrasekar03/21/2017 01:10 PM
1464BugIn ProgressNormalCUDA example programs hang when run with 1 PEJaemin Choi03/08/2017 04:21 PM
1462BugIn ProgressHighPrograms hang at startup with CUDA buildJaemin Choi03/09/2017 02:49 PM
1453BugMergedNormalBranching factor for group sections is not handled correctly.Vipul Harsh03/14/2017 01:48 PM
1452BugNewNormalverbs-linux-ppc64le xlCBilge Acun03/07/2017 11:33 AM
1448BugNewLowPotential buffer overflow in mylogin()Matthias Diener02/27/2017 04:28 PM
1447BugMergedHighAMPI_Reduce is broken for derived datatypes in user-defined reductionsSam White03/15/2017 02:17 PM
1445BugMergedNormalmpi-crayxc failure in megampiPhil Miller03/06/2017 08:25 AM
1443BugNewNormalSerialization for std::unique_ptr Fails With Abstract Base ClassEric Mikida03/07/2017 11:35 AM
1442BugNewNormalCkLoop fixed tree limits helper recruitmentSeonmyeong Bak03/07/2017 11:33 AM
1441BugNewNormallies at startup about "The comm. thread both sends and receives messages"Jaemin Choi03/14/2017 01:54 PM
1440BugNewHighsmp pes sending messages still block due to other send activityKarthik Senthil03/07/2017 04:06 PM
1439BugNewNormalnet-linux-x86_64-ibverbs-smp-iccstatic with tracing or debug enabled segfaults with ++ppn > 1Bilge Acun03/07/2017 11:36 AM
1438BugNewNormaloff-node messages show created by receiving node comm threadRonak Buch02/21/2017 03:37 PM
1437BugNewHighCkLoop worker traces to previous entry on pe rather than callerSeonmyeong Bak03/07/2017 11:36 AM
1431BugNewNormalCharmxi runs out of memoryEric Mikida03/07/2017 11:36 AM
1430BugMergedHighCthThread tracing broken - threads show up as black, dummy_thread_chare assigned to following entryPhil Miller03/14/2017 03:38 PM
1429BugMergedNormalAMPI failure after Isomalloc migration on multicore/SMP darwin buildsMatthias Diener02/24/2017 09:42 AM
1424BugMergedNormalImprove performance of randomized message queueingPhil Miller03/03/2017 12:54 PM
1421BugNewNormalRunning leanmd with error checking enabled in Charm++ triggers assertion error in lbdb.hKavitha Chandrasekar03/07/2017 11:36 AM
1419BugMergedNormalVerbs builds on Omnipath should not build and suggest mpi insteadBilge Acun02/15/2017 10:29 AM
1413BugMergedNormalVarious Mac clang warnings are likely bugsSam White02/15/2017 10:40 AM
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