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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1617BugImplementedNormalOpenAtom experiences significant slowdown (observed up to 25%) after changing to new topo tree for sectionsJuan Galvez06/21/2017 02:26 PM
1616BugIn ProgressNormalRace condition during ckRestart causes hang after merging patch for bug #1576Juan Galvez06/24/2017 01:36 PM
1614BugImplementedNormalSDAG Rdma example /examples/rdma/stencil3D failing on nightly build because of migrationNitin Bhat06/23/2017 11:35 AM
1612FeatureNewNormalSupport for using rdma to return data from a [sync] entry method06/16/2017 03:45 AM
1611DocumentationNewHighDocument network dependent rdma thresholds, above which benefits of the zero copy API can be gainedNitin Bhat06/15/2017 12:39 PM
1609FeatureNewNormalUser-level thread implementation based on Boost context librarySeonmyeong Bak06/14/2017 12:33 AM
1608FeatureIn ProgressNormalSupport send on IDLE in TRAMEric Bohm06/12/2017 04:32 PM
1605DocumentationNewNormalFAQ: 6 . 0 . 8 Which C++ language features cause porting problems? Phil Miller06/07/2017 12:44 PM
1603DocumentationNewNormalFAQ: 5 . 0 . 4 How do I use gdb with Charm++ programs? Shanna DeSouza06/07/2017 12:39 PM
1602DocumentationNewNormalFAQ: 5 . 0 . 3 Can I use TotalView? Phil Miller06/07/2017 12:38 PM
1597DocumentationNewNormalFAQ: 3 . 0 . 2 What is an ``entry method''? Shanna DeSouza06/07/2017 12:20 PM
1596DocumentationNewNormalFAQ: 2 . 0 . 7 How do I specify the processors I want to use? Michael Robson06/07/2017 12:19 PM
1595DocumentationNewNormalFAQ: 2 . 0 . 3 How do I compile Charm++? Shanna DeSouza06/07/2017 12:18 PM
1592DocumentationNewNormalFAQ: 1 . 0 . 7 What is the future of Charm++? Eric Bohm06/07/2017 12:14 PM
1590DocumentationNewNormalFAQ: 1 . 0 . 5 Does anybody actually use Charm++? Phil Miller06/07/2017 12:12 PM
1589DocumentationImplementedNormalFAQ: how do I use Charm++ on Xeon Phi?Ronak Buch06/20/2017 03:43 PM
1588DocumentationNewNormalFAQ : How do I use GPGPUs in Charm++?Michael Robson06/07/2017 12:14 PM
1587DocumentationImplementedNormalFAQ: 1 . 0 . 4 Will Charm++ run on my machine? Eric Bohm06/20/2017 05:33 PM
1586SupportNewNormalOpenMP integration support for external library written in and compiled by OpenMP on Charm++06/07/2017 11:30 AM
1584FeatureNewNormalAllow exit codes in CkExit() / CkAbort()06/22/2017 10:34 AM
1583DocumentationNewNormalCheck commented old template documentation in doc/charm++/inhertmplt.tex against templates.tex06/02/2017 11:59 AM
1582FeatureNewNormalDDT support for copying from a noncontiguous type to another noncontiguous typeEdward Hutter06/01/2017 04:06 PM
1579FeatureNewNormalMark CkExit and CkAbort [[noreturn]]06/22/2017 10:31 AM
1577BugNewNormalUser-level thread based OpenMP integration support on MacSeonmyeong Bak06/14/2017 12:33 AM
1575FeatureImplementedNormalThe OpenMP integration modified to run on Converse user-level threadsSeonmyeong Bak06/08/2017 05:14 PM
1573FeatureNewNormalIntegrate HDF5 library into AMPIMatthias Diener06/20/2017 11:18 AM
1572BugNewNormalImprove pup_stl performance05/30/2017 10:19 AM
1569FeatureNewNormalSupport the Flang Fortran compilerMatthias Diener05/18/2017 08:26 PM
1567BugNewNormal[aggregate] entry methods should refuse to accept CkEntryOptions, since the contents are unusable05/17/2017 04:17 PM
1566BugImplementedNormalParameter marshalled entry methods mostly don't set group dependence in message from CkEntryOptionsPhil Miller05/18/2017 11:45 AM
1565BugImplementedNormalNon-group entry methods don't respect envelope group dependencePhil Miller05/18/2017 11:21 AM
1564BugImplementedNormalInline entry methods don't respect group dependence from CkEntryOptionsPhil Miller05/18/2017 11:20 AM
1563BugNewHighChare Array construction doesn't respect setGroupDepID in CkEntryOptions (or any other entry method options)Phil Miller05/18/2017 11:59 AM
1562FeatureNewNormalEnable message allocation, construction, packing, etc, without generated .ci file code05/16/2017 09:14 AM
1557BugNewNormalAMPI bindings for C-Fortran interop are incompleteSam White05/11/2017 03:05 PM
1550BugNewNormalMissing 'make test' for examples/charm++/state_space_searchengine/05/04/2017 10:51 AM
1549FeatureNewNormalrecord priorities in traces and use in projections05/04/2017 09:32 AM
1548SupportNewNormalReassess whether the primary scheduler thread should support CthSuspend05/03/2017 11:45 AM
1547BugIn ProgressNormalDeprecate the FFT library in ck-libs in favor of Nikhil's new FFT libraryEric Bohm05/16/2017 11:33 AM
1545BugNewNormalSerialize std::vector with Custom AllocatorPhil Miller05/04/2017 11:04 AM
1544BugNewNormalCMK_TIMER_USE_PPC64 inaccurate with variable clock speeds04/30/2017 02:38 PM
1542BugNewNormalCkArrayCreated callback should be part of CkArrayOptions06/06/2017 12:12 AM
1538BugNewNormalSupport Shrink/Expand in verbs04/27/2017 10:24 AM
1536FeatureNewNormalAMPI interface for mapping ranks to worker threadsSam White04/24/2017 07:27 PM
1535CleanupImplementedNormalFormat/Indent all source code files that are a part of charmxi (xlat-i)Nitin Bhat04/24/2017 08:34 PM
1534SupportNewNormalPrint out the job output, error and log for failed autobuild jobs launched during pami/pamilrts nightly buildsNitin Bhat04/24/2017 10:08 AM
1532FeatureNewNormalExample for using Google benchmark library with Charm++04/23/2017 02:01 PM
1525FeatureNewNormalBracketed User Events Track Numerical Values04/22/2017 07:06 AM
1524FeatureFeedbackNormalTime Profile With Bracketed User EventsMatthias Diener06/20/2017 04:05 PM
1523BugNewNormalVerbs RDMA send fails on 0-byte sized messageJaemin Choi04/25/2017 04:30 PM
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