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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1538BugNewNormalSupport Shrink/Expand in verbs04/27/2017 08:52 AM
1537BugImplementedNormalSupport for Shrink/Expand in 6.8.0Bilge Acun04/26/2017 09:02 AM
1536FeatureNewNormalAMPI interface for mapping ranks to worker threadsSam White04/24/2017 07:27 PM
1535CleanupImplementedNormalFormat/Indent all source code files that are a part of charmxi (xlat-i)Nitin Bhat04/24/2017 08:34 PM
1534SupportNewNormalPrint out the job output, error and log for failed autobuild jobs launched during pami/pamilrts nightly buildsNitin Bhat04/24/2017 10:08 AM
1533BugNewNormalState Space Search Examples Broken04/24/2017 09:42 AM
1532FeatureNewNormalExample for using Google benchmark library with Charm++04/23/2017 02:01 PM
1531BugNewHighMain (scheduler) thread can suspend, but that confuses QD, where other thread suspends don'tPhil Miller04/25/2017 04:34 PM
1530BugImplementedHighIsomalloc on SMP mode always prints warning about +isomalloc_sync, even when not in useMatthias Diener04/25/2017 04:49 PM
1529BugImplementedHighEasy build-time option to elide LB support (cut tracing overhead, etc)Phil Miller04/25/2017 04:34 PM
1528BugImplementedHighcharmxi: Message type with no variable arrays can't be declared with { }Phil Miller04/25/2017 04:34 PM
1527BugImplementedHighUnused Parameter Warning in Entry Methods with no ParametersNitin Bhat04/25/2017 10:31 PM
1526BugImplementedHighUnused Variable impl_obj in _call_ArchiveChare_CkMigrateMessageNitin Bhat04/25/2017 07:22 PM
1525FeatureNewNormalBracketed User Events Track Numerical Values04/22/2017 07:06 AM
1524FeatureNewNormalTime Profile With Bracketed User Events04/21/2017 10:39 PM
1523BugNewNormalVerbs RDMA send fails on 0-byte sized messageJaemin Choi04/25/2017 04:30 PM
1522BugNewNormalVerbs failure on small messagesBilge Acun04/25/2017 04:29 PM
1521FeatureNewNormalCkIO file read supportRonak Buch04/20/2017 09:41 PM
1520BugNewNormalmulticore-darwin-x86_64 megatest hangs when built with --enable-randomized-msgq --with-prio-type=int --enable-error-checking -debug04/25/2017 04:12 PM
1519BugNewNormalEntry methods with no parameters ignore priority from CkEntryOptionsNitin Bhat04/20/2017 10:33 AM
1517FeatureNewNormalDocument PAPI Projections integrationRonak Buch04/19/2017 11:38 AM
1516FeatureNewNormalDocument the Statistics reducer04/19/2017 10:45 AM
1515FeatureNewNormalDocument [inline] entry method optimization for const& args04/19/2017 10:44 AM
1514BugNewHighThrow a runtime error for registrations that occur after startupSeonmyeong Bak04/25/2017 04:51 PM
1512SupportNewNormalMeasure test coverage04/18/2017 04:30 PM
1510BugNewNormalHang in tests/charm++/chkpt when using -tracemode perfReportRonak Buch04/20/2017 02:47 PM
1509BugNewHigh-tracemode summary always fails an assertion at exitRonak Buch04/25/2017 04:34 PM
1507BugNewHighckio test failure on gni-crayxcRonak Buch04/26/2017 10:29 AM
1506BugNewHighexamples/hello/4darray breaks when doing sectionsVipul Harsh04/25/2017 04:34 PM
1505CleanupNewLowDeprecate hapi_pool* in favor of hapi_host*Michael Robson04/15/2017 04:42 PM
1503FeatureNewNormalImprove multi-GPU support04/14/2017 11:44 AM
1502BugNewNormalFix gfortran paths on Darwin04/12/2017 05:02 PM
1501BugNewNormalcharmc fails to deal with rvalue references04/12/2017 11:35 AM
1500BugNewNormalEntry Methods Always Take lvalue References (feature/bug)04/12/2017 08:10 PM
1499FeatureNewNormalRemove the need to declare entry method parameters as "rdma"04/11/2017 09:51 PM
1498BugNewNormalSDAG methods are not properly inherited by chare subclasses04/11/2017 05:22 PM
1497FeatureNewNormalShared memory method to pass data between processes that share the same node04/12/2017 03:01 PM
1494FeatureNewNormalBroadcast trees are not topology-awareVipul Harsh04/10/2017 04:49 PM
1493BugImplementedUrgentDeleting an array also deletes all common elements from it's bound arraysEric Mikida04/26/2017 05:54 PM
1492FeatureIn ProgressNormalRemove need for +LBCommOffKavitha Chandrasekar04/13/2017 04:21 PM
1491CleanupNewNormalUpdate documentation of GPUManagerJaemin Choi04/07/2017 04:10 PM
1490CleanupNewNormalAutomatically set NVCC path in Makefile of example programJaemin Choi04/11/2017 10:51 PM
1489CleanupNewNormalDelete GPU dummy mempoolJaemin Choi04/11/2017 10:52 PM
1488BugImplementedHighGPU manager runs out of memory on talentMichael Robson04/25/2017 05:14 PM
1487BugImplementedHighLeaving -DGPU_MEMPOOl causes gpu manager to not buildMichael Robson04/25/2017 05:14 PM
1485BugNewNormalCharmDebug in SMP mode does not work04/13/2017 01:32 PM
1482CleanupNewNormalUpdate Charm++ FAQNitin Bhat04/18/2017 02:46 PM
1480FeatureNewHighAPI to control whether a PE helps other threads that generate CkLoop/OpenMP/ParallelFor work Seonmyeong Bak04/04/2017 05:13 PM
1478FeatureNewNormalInvestigate use of pxshm in CmiAlloc04/12/2017 03:01 PM
1477BugNewNormalAll Load Balancing Strategies should be CPU frequency (rate) awarePPL03/31/2017 11:20 AM
1476CleanupNewLowFix Make.depends for libraries03/30/2017 04:55 PM
1473BugImplementedNormalverbs build hangs in tests/charm++/communication_overheadEric Bohm04/11/2017 01:50 PM
1471BugNewNormalParallel Prefix No Barrier Example in Charm Tutorial Hangs on MPI Layer03/20/2017 11:41 AM
1468FeatureIn ProgressNormalEnable pre-pinning memory for RDMA message sendsJaemin Choi04/25/2017 05:42 PM
1465FeatureImplementedNormalSpanning Tree implementation for scattervVipul Harsh03/09/2017 12:57 AM
1464BugIn ProgressNormalCUDA example programs hang when run with 1 PEJaemin Choi03/08/2017 04:21 PM
1462BugIn ProgressHighPrograms hang at startup with CUDA buildJaemin Choi03/09/2017 02:49 PM
1459FeatureNewNormalZero-copy send support for the netlrts machine layerNitin Bhat04/13/2017 03:20 PM
1456SupportFeedbackNormalAdd more stream callbacks for use after HToD transfer and kernel executionJaemin Choi03/03/2017 06:07 PM
1454SupportFeedbackNormalGPUManager API changeJaemin Choi03/03/2017 02:34 PM
1451FeatureImplementedNormalNVTX integration for profilingJaemin Choi02/28/2017 06:46 PM
1450SupportResolvedNormalRefactor CUDA example programs to fit new GPUManager designJaemin Choi02/28/2017 06:06 PM
1449FeatureNewNormalAMPI support for MPI_Win_allocate_sharedSam White04/25/2017 04:41 PM
1448BugNewLowPotential buffer overflow in mylogin()Matthias Diener04/25/2017 04:10 PM
1446FeatureNewNormalAMPI support for generalized requestsSam White02/26/2017 02:29 PM
1444FeatureNewNormalGeneral Implementation for Serializing Enums02/23/2017 12:06 PM
1443BugNewNormalSerialization for std::unique_ptr Fails With Abstract Base ClassEric Mikida04/25/2017 04:46 PM
1442BugNewNormalCkLoop fixed tree limits helper recruitmentSeonmyeong Bak04/20/2017 10:37 AM
1440BugNewHighsmp pes sending messages still block due to other send activityKarthik Senthil03/07/2017 04:06 PM
1438BugNewNormaloff-node messages show created by receiving node comm threadRonak Buch04/25/2017 04:15 PM
1437BugNewHighCkLoop worker traces to previous entry on pe rather than callerSeonmyeong Bak04/25/2017 04:15 PM
1436FeatureNewNormaltrace CcdCallFnAfter() causality02/17/2017 02:23 PM
1435FeatureNewNormalCollapse prioritized msg buckets into priority queue02/17/2017 01:42 PM
1434FeatureNewNormaloptimize degenerate CkLoop cases02/17/2017 12:51 PM
1433FeatureNewNormallambda syntax for CkLoop02/23/2017 08:01 AM
1432CleanupImplementedUrgentdocument CkLoop caller functionSeonmyeong Bak04/13/2017 02:55 PM
1431BugNewNormalCharmxi runs out of memoryEric Mikida03/07/2017 11:36 AM
1428FeatureNewNormalAMPI TLS privatization support for IBM POWER04/12/2017 12:00 AM
1427FeatureNewNormalVirtualize handling of Fortran IO unitsSam White02/16/2017 02:56 PM
1426FeatureNewNormalAMPI F08 bindingsSam White02/16/2017 02:55 PM
1425FeatureNewNormalVirtualization-aware AMPI collectivesSam White02/16/2017 02:55 PM
1422CleanupIn ProgressNormalCleanup dangling issues from 64bit mergeEric Mikida02/15/2017 05:55 PM
1421BugIn ProgressHighRunning leanmd with error checking enabled in Charm++ triggers assertion error in lbdb.hKavitha Chandrasekar04/25/2017 04:35 PM
1420FeatureNewNormalLockless Queues04/20/2017 09:38 PM
1417FeatureNewNormalReduce CkReductionMsg envelope sizeEric Mikida04/11/2017 03:57 PM
1414SupportNewNormalAutobuild should run tests on SMP builds with multiple threads per process02/13/2017 05:31 PM
1410BugImplementedHighTuple reducer leaks memory when using set/concat/custom reducersSam White04/26/2017 05:06 PM
1409BugNewHighverbs crashes on Stampede KNLJaemin Choi04/06/2017 03:16 PM
1408BugNewUrgentImprove visibility and usability of flushTraceLog()Ronak Buch04/14/2017 11:07 AM
1401FeatureImplementedNormalConverting OpenMP test suite for the OpenMP integration.Seonmyeong Bak02/14/2017 03:49 PM
1398FeatureImplementedUrgentDocument addReducer's new option 'streamable'Sam White04/26/2017 05:06 PM
1395BugNewLowAMPI_Get_elements returns incorrect results for struct typeEdward Hutter02/03/2017 06:56 PM
1394FeatureIn ProgressNormalNode-level message aggregation for CkMulticastJuan Galvez02/16/2017 03:44 PM
1393FeatureImplementedNormalRedesign of GPUManager to utilize concurrent kernel execution and stream callbacksJaemin Choi02/28/2017 06:07 PM
1391SupportNewNormalAdd an SMP/multicore build test to JenkinsMichael Robson01/30/2017 10:04 PM
1389FeatureNewNormalAMPI IATAReq test/wait performs poorlyKarthik Senthil04/25/2017 11:00 AM
1387SupportNewNormalOptimised algorithms for scattervVipul Harsh01/28/2017 07:00 PM
1386FeatureNewNormalckDestroy for GroupsEric Mikida04/11/2017 07:07 PM
1381BugNewNormalCrash in LrtsInitCpuTopo() on Quartz with verbs layerBilge Acun02/14/2017 03:47 PM
1379BugNewHighSDAG doesn't properly handle callbacks to [reductiontarget] methods with refnumsEric Mikida04/25/2017 04:35 PM
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