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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
235BugNewLowCkCallback to array sections is very non-migratableJuan Galvez10/11/2017 03:27 PM
246BugNewLowClean deallocation and shutdown of Charm++ processesJuan Galvez10/11/2017 03:26 PM
250BugIn ProgressNormalUniquely tag each chare array broadcast to enable true unique deliveryNitin Bhat10/31/2017 09:01 AM
253FeatureImplementedNormalHeterogeneous PPN supportRonak Buch10/11/2017 03:14 PM
259BugIn ProgressNormalBugs exposed by use of randomized QEric Mikida03/28/2019 12:25 PM
265BugNewLowBigsim emulator: Non-ci-file readonly variables cause a crash at startup02/15/2018 11:54 PM
275FeatureIn ProgressNormalPerformance testing and tuning of CkIORonak Buch10/11/2017 03:15 PM
279FeatureNewNormalWindows: Display abort message in failure pop-upEric Bohm12/29/2017 12:21 PM
283FeatureIn ProgressNormalTLS-based AMPI variable privatization source-to-source translation toolSam White12/29/2017 11:52 AM
295FeatureNewLowNon-blocking checkpointingPPL10/11/2017 02:54 PM
297FeatureNewNormalInteroperation in VERBS layerPPL10/11/2017 02:54 PM
298BugNewNormalAvoid warning in sockRoutinesPPL10/30/2017 11:30 PM
301FeatureNewNormalInteroperation in NETLRTS layerPPL10/11/2017 02:54 PM
315FeatureNewNormalReduction Starting messages - Performance optimal solutionEric Mikida10/11/2017 03:13 PM
338CleanupNewNormalRemove "custom packed messages" in favor of PUP framework09/27/2018 03:00 PM
387FeatureNewLowPack variable-envelope structures to reduce overhead bytes04/25/2018 12:33 AM
388BugIn ProgressLowMessage logging fails to deliver chare messages through VidBlockJuan Galvez10/11/2017 03:25 PM
424FeatureNewNormalCkIO: Automatic re-open of files across checkpoint/restartRonak Buch08/23/2018 09:15 PM
437FeatureNewLowCallbacks to array elements that should be demand-created03/12/2014 02:25 PM
443FeatureNewNormalpamilrts: Port L2 atomics support from pami layerMichael Robson02/15/2016 03:04 PM
453CleanupNewNormalRemove unused data members from classes and structs used in the RTSPPL01/16/2017 09:31 PM
472CleanupNewNormalLicensing of CRC32 codeEric Bohm12/29/2017 11:52 AM
473CleanupNewNormalLicensing of library code in Data Transfer libraryEric Bohm12/29/2017 11:52 AM
474CleanupNewNormalLicensing of TreeMatchLB and supporting codeEric Bohm12/29/2017 11:53 AM
475CleanupNewNormalLicensing of parallel random number generator from NCSAEric Bohm04/29/2018 05:57 PM
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