From 08/25/2016 to 09/23/2016


11:05 PM Revision 7b0a2de5 (charm): Documentation: clean up tuple reduction code example
Change-Id: I6450abf2400b1cfe37cf80077d3b02233e91f617 Sam White


04:43 PM Revision b23d51b2 (charm): AMPI: separate AMPI error checking from Charm++ error checking
Change-Id: I59a37302ad1ade6abf47a35391f08c52c8c7a8b7 Sam White
04:40 PM Revision 0bcdc417 (charm): AMPI #1181: fix outcount handling in MPI_{Test,Wait}some routines
Change-Id: I78ac650f2c1b90082c34a65c68684e4be445c66f Nikhil Jain
04:21 PM Revision d8338da2 (charm): AMPI: update status with comm upon non-blocking send completion
Change-Id: I18c1a79f68a993b21ed3adcb40cd491b8e8fe29f Sam White
12:08 AM Revision 1a722a04 (charm): AMPI: only abort from ampiErrhandler if error checking is enabled
Change-Id: Ie0cde0df5a7606ec417269c2e6adcb9b5a8e7013 Sam White
12:07 AM Revision 746e8d10 (charm): Cleanup #1151: eliminate ROMIO on AMPI compiler warnings
Change-Id: I742220debbe64ff6ff655a409b7183fe0f5e19bd Sam White
10:58 PM Revision 0d953aa3 (charm): AMPI #1213: use built-in Charm++ reducers when possible for MPI_C_BOOL,
MPI_LOGICAL, MPI_BYTE, and MPI_(U)INT{8,16,32,64}_T datatypes.
Change-Id: If8e671343884e71916383f6ef39943dfb7e9b3eb
Sam White


06:01 PM Revision 4159d512 (charm): Feature #557: expand the set of logical and bitvec reducers.
Add {logical,bitvec}_{and,or,xor}_{bool,int} reducer types, update the
documentation, and update existing uses of the...
Sam White
05:32 PM Revision c3e6a809 (charm): Documentation: add tuple reducer info/example
Change-Id: I6e55d81c038cbfc07b8d24ad410f30b379dbeb24 Sam White
05:17 PM Revision 22f8019c (charm): New lockless queue implementation and integration,
Adds fallback for compilers that don't implement atomics.
Enabled for net and gni. Fixed CMIQueue / PCQueue operation...
Justin Miron


11:54 AM Revision 7e532fa3 (charm): Outputting features from MetaLB for classifying load balancing strategy
Kavitha Chandrasekar
10:48 AM Revision 164b6c53 (charm): Bug #1215: fix build failures from 64bit ID changes in cklocation
Change-Id: Id6d5f88cb760dd8cb6db7b5dc5a3a3401f8b5cf9 Sam White


02:01 PM Revision 71a0f896 (charm): Replace CkArrayIndex with 64 bit IDs for internal location management.
Changing the CkArrayIndices to 64 bit IDs will make the message
envelopes smaller, as well as giving a single univers...
Phil Miller
02:01 PM Revision 847e1ce1 (charm): Remove CkLocRec hierarchy and use a map for non-local elements.
CkLocRec is now just a single class representing local records only.
Remote elements are found using a std::map from ...
Ramprasad Venkataraman
02:01 PM Revision bc10f561 (charm): Remove spring cleaning and the associated CkLocRec subclasses.
This also takes location lookup out of the CkLocRec hierarchy and
replaces it with a std::map mapping array elements ...
Ramprasad Venkataraman
02:01 PM Revision 57add175 (charm): Cleanup the relation between CkLocMgr, CkArray, and CkLocRec
This makes a small change to the populateInitial API by virtue of
merging the CkArrMgr class into its only subclass C...
Ramprasad Venkataraman
02:01 PM Revision 699d281a (charm): Cleanup #165: Annihilate CkMigratableList and temporarily typedef to s...
Much of our pre-stable-stl code grew its own mutant data structures
which could do all weird and fantastic things. Ck...
Ramprasad Venkataraman
12:13 PM Revision d6740f34 (charm): dynamic node table initial changes and work on stencil3ds elasticity
Justin Miron


01:03 PM Revision 0ba474ad (charm): fix for multiple shrink expand requests
Justin Miron
11:13 PM Revision d802abdf (charm): changes for clang with c++ 14 on the mac
Jonathan Lifflander


03:56 PM Revision 5bf8ddf6 (charm): Bug #1207: update DDT's type table with C/C++ bool datatype
Change-Id: Iad1c81939ac599c63fbc3f293a9ebd28b6b6c223 Sam White
02:57 PM Revision 2ee691f5 (charm): Fix leaked reduction message in projections tracing
Change-Id: I7d9b8392ca75d7c4cf50024142aeb5b19ccbe117 Sam White
11:57 AM Revision f3937a55 (charm): Cleanup: use nop reductions for NULL contributions
Change-Id: I7d9030422fd7eb54f93b72582d4a6c5e48aef3ec Sam White
11:55 AM Revision 76d6c43e (charm): AMPI: improve error handling by aborting with more information
Change-Id: I26f166fa93288a5da5b832cc0745971a3e668de9 Sam White


03:55 PM Revision 7a5869c7 (charm): Apply Tim's patch, change ifdef to back to if
Change-Id: Ice010d597681814caa31577f4d6769ddc210c16c Redmine Admin


02:53 PM Revision ee84e087 (charm): AMPI #1114: build and link ROMIO by default on AMPI
Change-Id: If3af056677f704212a69759d5564f9c0f0f635f8 Sam White
02:49 PM Revision 8df8f153 (charm): AMPI cleanup: silence unused variable compiler warnings
Change-Id: I962065d9b7c6b8ea2be1821f65eeb130bab697e6 Sam White
02:43 PM Revision c0f0f9c8 (charm): nodeGPU: Pre-allocate additional pinned memory
Change-Id: Iad1085df230e0723ca532bf025ed3de21249aac9 Redmine Admin
02:43 PM Revision 9dcb825a (charm): Single instance of GPU Manager, shared across all PEs within a node
Change-Id: I15d0808a4d6f38fbacfe30cb0642dc6d56cc944c Harshit Dokania
02:43 PM Revision e7dedfaa (charm): exitHybridAPI(): delete extra CmiDestroyLock().
Thomas Quinn
02:43 PM Revision 1989ddf3 (charm): nodeGPU: refactor recursive function and extend lock
Redmine Admin
02:43 PM Revision e0df78e1 (charm): Single instance of GPU Manager, shared across all PEs within a node
Change-Id: I15d0808a4d6f38fbacfe30cb0642dc6d56cc944c Harshit Dokania
11:37 AM Revision 0589a1cf (charm): Allow Central and Distributed LBs to be called seqeuntially
Change-Id: If58ffbff73dbf90cafe590b8338b898a81ee2d6d Kavitha Chandrasekar
11:38 PM Revision a9573324 (charm): AMPI: fix ROMIO build on Clang
Change-Id: If7e40808371e802fb1c4938670f545dc20007f64 Sam White


03:51 PM Revision ad2b9ea3 (charm): AMPI #1198: include ROMIO's mpio headers in AMPI's mpi headers
Change-Id: I9249eb6b0a5c274e692ee6104f1e42a25e433aaf Sam White
03:28 PM Revision 6e41e5e4 (charm): AMPI #1190: rename C++ main routines without args correctly
Change-Id: I350173ec85a15fd5f004647b13bf0f6b8df2aaf5 Sam White
12:22 PM Revision c3cfad09 (charm): cygwin: replace calls to _ftime() with ftime()
Reported fix by Ed Karrels
Change-Id: Iee6a1321de50d2f168c613c6352c880dec847a84
Phil Miller
11:43 AM Revision 42f74e6d (charm): AMPI: make MPI_C_BOOL definition portable to MSVC
Change-Id: I1edaf810d466e956fa82589b27f5cbc18c5c3fdc Sam White


06:18 PM Revision 78bf698b (charm): Post working, polishing needed
Change-Id: Ia8b6f684ea75ea698a4e1eeedd40afdecb724a40 Vipul Harsh


01:49 PM Revision 94c5265d (charm): made changes in xi to generate a seperate unmarshalling function for rdma
Change-Id: I7821099c336a1bd40c71e8c35aa75f4f46d3ccaa Vipul Harsh


04:47 PM Revision 8301f5fa (charm): AMPI: abort on errors by default
Change-Id: I3a05b5f1babec31f9ad067b417a46a9262151d1a Sam White
04:04 PM Revision 46cf40c0 (charm): AMPI: add MPI_OFFSET datatype definition for ROMIO
Change-Id: Ib169397b6b630fa417c0f3eac673649b122cc4a8 Sam White
04:04 PM Revision 2a7fcb65 (charm): AMPI: add MPI_C_BOOL type to DDT and AMPI
Change-Id: Icc15b2db1a3aeb5494074a1c1bcc6a0f20ac1388 Sam White
04:03 PM Revision e7a07a78 (charm): AMPI: only check arguments for errors on ranks they are needed
ROMIO was hanging in AMPI_Gatherv because the non-root ranks passed NULL
for the recv buffer, displs, and counts.
Sam White
04:01 PM Revision 8b63b791 (charm): AMPI: remove definition of MPI_OFFSET_KIND until we support MPI_Offset
Change-Id: I7c02217dd8e391faeab229ee711064f86be7f7b6 Sam White
12:08 PM Revision 57f414ef (charm): Bug #1136: Document ability of [sync] entry methods to return any type...
Change-Id: Id5ced35bb0f81bd03227f9d1f549ce282f900367 Vipul Harsh


07:29 PM Revision 06293a33 (charm): charmxi #1017 - Added error messages when keywords are used for identi...
Change-Id: Ic9d1b7997312817d33d0a608f2d5bd73ad325dfe Nitin Bhat


10:19 PM Revision 59e3a224 (charm): AMPI #1194: support non-contiguous send types in Gathers
Change-Id: Ie62ccf4fde39c73beedb8c1eb7100ec3ff8397f4 Sam White
10:18 PM Revision ce10c145 (charm): AMPI: update ampi instance ptr after blocking in wait routines
Change-Id: Id982e4ad2453d655e7cded1eb4d1c11fed74bf61 Sam White
10:10 PM Revision d349229b (charm): AMPI cleanup: deduplicate posting of nonblocking requests
Change-Id: Id8a0d06d73380698eb123403711b32444d865843 Sam White


12:16 PM Revision 68436beb (charm): AMPI cleanup: eliminate variable length array usage
Change-Id: Ib4cd20dcf64392272f4eaa8db73ba74be7d05ec3 Sam White
09:01 PM Revision 9f4a65d3 (charm): AMPI #1193: do not assume all user-defined Ops are non-commutative
Change MPI_Op from a function pointer to an int, used as an index into
a table of Ops. The table also keeps track of ...
Sam White
08:59 PM Revision 01139d76 (charm): AMPI #1185: support non-commutative MPI_Op's, assume user-defined op's...
Change-Id: Ib276359971cc362d5ae2c5fa45d8cde85c388897 Sam White


06:25 PM Revision ba0b7ce9 (charm): AMPI #1186: create actual requests for all non-blocking communication ...
Instead of setting the value of request to MPI_REQUEST_NULL.
Change-Id: I16136b9fced610a38d67008acd0eaf363ac78e6d
Sam White
04:06 PM Revision 57326ffe (charm): Fixed the following issues:
- Receiver not posting for 4GB buffer on psm2 provider
- Packetization bug (send sender's nodeNo instead of receiver's)
Nitin Kundapur Bhat
11:35 AM Revision c4a9a274 (charm): Bug #1169: Allow duplicate arguments like +balancer, reject other dupl...
Change-Id: Ibe9f71f745b94251e718816de79873d4b371e277 Kavitha Chandrasekar
03:29 AM Revision 9b5b632d (charm): Rdma support for pamilrts machine layer
Change-Id: I825bbf7d1ddc9f5460f8ae3ebaa66d5b4fbde78a Nitin Bhat
03:22 AM Revision 991aeca9 (charm): Rdma API at the Lrts layer
Change-Id: I36a90b305eea0450f1620702636ee938c3afde96 Nitin Bhat
09:53 PM Revision 633d3519 (charm): Rdma support at the generic layer
Changes include:
Charmxi changes for supporting rdma parameter
Charm and converse support for rdma parameters
Added a...
Nitin Bhat
09:07 PM Revision a138a102 (charm): Rdma support at the generic layer
Changes include:
Charmxi changes for supporting rdma parameter
Charm and converse support for rdma parameters
Added a...
Nitin Bhat


11:19 PM Revision 6100bf4a (charm): AMPI: set freed MPI_Info objects to MPI_INFO_NULL
Change-Id: I46371d1a4c2a0ca01e204a10775e4599dcff999a Sam White


04:48 PM Revision 7cc8eeb1 (charm): Rdma support at the generic layer
Changes include:
Charmxi changes for supporting rdma parameter
Charm and converse support for rdma parameters
Added a...
Nitin Bhat
12:41 PM Revision eaf65781 (charm): compiler error fixes
Change-Id: I64bed4b952ef7a4af2584dcc44ec12a2891e49d4 Justin Miron
12:32 PM Revision 72b4eaf4 (charm): compiler error fixes
Change-Id: I1463422a9a071fb90a17be9f62f19225559cfc14 Justin Miron
12:08 PM Revision f3caaabd (charm): gni rdma code without callbacks
Change-Id: I6ad0afac08ae3fc03ee4771ae96710dd245ae6a2 Justin Miron
11:14 AM Revision a931a82d (charm): AMPI cleanup: add comment for implicit function declaration
Comment will show up in the compiler warning's line
Change-Id: I25aa3cc27e41da5d9a03f82353459df3ab23d43e
Sam White
10:05 PM Revision 77f8a38e (charm): Rdma support at the generic layer
Changes include:
Charmxi changes for supporting rdma parameter
Charm and converse support for rdma parameters
Added a...
Nitin Bhat


05:42 PM Revision add73521 (charm): Merge commit 'refs/changes/41/1341/5' of
Justin Miron

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