From 07/26/2016 to 08/24/2016


06:53 PM Revision cbce0a5b (charm): DDT #1157: support for MPI_BOTTOM on derived datatypes
Change-Id: Iaaffff30f0ff891ed79eb5580cbbb6e8a411bfb1 Edward Hutter
05:17 PM Revision 79084216 (charm): Output features instead of stats
Kavitha Chandrasekar
03:37 PM Revision f9882f11 (charm): crayxc: drop flags that led to compiler warnings about duplicate inclu...
Change-Id: I49386eeca222a753f8fecdfcb14886649858497f Phil Miller
03:36 PM Revision 3c1af0c5 (charm): configure for Cray CCE compiler: make sure test for 128-bit integers f...
Change-Id: If33cbd77124abbcb25e7fee20ca45c788e91595b Phil Miller
02:17 PM Revision d42a68fe (charm): Explicitly set +p for all test runs that didn't specify it
Change-Id: Ie865ae9d08ad4ea0ddcae24998558a84e7f4627d Phil Miller
10:12 AM Revision 023ac48c (charm): Fixed the bug where receiver wasn't reposting
Nitin Kundapur Bhat


03:18 PM Revision ac5b8ba3 (charm): Issue #1168: Test that multi-process jobs actually launch properly
Change-Id: Iab8b3f849e1dfd115e8085f7b18bb930498d35df Phil Miller
03:16 PM Revision 75fb996d (charm): Manual: Elaborate on available debugging techniques
Change-Id: I0b85fcf2662b4aeef224c962b938d0d8406f7c0a Phil Miller
02:14 PM Revision 56f7787b (charm): fallback pcqueue implementation for old gcc versions that don't have a...
Change-Id: I0ebdf49167f08fc77d15f2c628de8f161a0f9f2b Justin Miron
02:02 PM Revision e3f10d45 (charm): Bug #1150 - Implemented specialized pup for std::vector to vector<bool>
Change-Id: I5f735e10d7cbbddf2979fb0556b2dd83e61019d2 Edward Hutter


06:42 PM Revision 36981ea3 (charm): resolving inheritance problem
Change-Id: Ib8a2ea84fba412ebe50717de052da1d601403911 Vipul Harsh
04:08 PM Revision 5c763797 (charm): updating charm tests
Change-Id: I065f047dc6708c19d7abc931a4a15988c44a7998 Vipul Harsh
04:05 PM Revision f524bdb0 (charm): adding auto delegation for all constructors
Change-Id: If0be70c281e01d89d32e0820207f0f7dd45e16c1 Vipul Harsh
01:58 PM Revision baae76cd (charm): Add User Stats to tracing framework
Change-Id: I472efc13d90968d91383c95d76791984a7b45887 Josh Lew
11:15 AM Revision ad3eb5c5 (charm): moved push to after pull atomic load
Change-Id: I87ec60af3f0464897af699fcf14c932015f0b6ee Justin Miron
10:42 AM Revision 33735004 (charm): get push value in cas loop to prevent infinite loop
Change-Id: I94d08e19fe8a74152486a8a2863af56d85dd863d Justin Miron
10:40 AM Revision 55711722 (charm): DDT cleanup: mark accessor routines as const
Change-Id: I5ff28774094dbd77a5c1b93c9ecf0b5a95e05548 Sam White
10:33 AM Revision 1d2b1e97 (charm): fix to broken queue
Change-Id: I746c857fedc2d372602f79a22b77797003a94c96 Justin Miron
10:16 AM Revision 881633d4 (charm): pcqueue test2
Change-Id: I063cc76d40959137d1a7b2118a9bfdc0eb9f3922 Justin Miron
09:59 AM Revision 909b4a90 (charm): pcqueue test
Change-Id: I67a673a7189cebb70fb841a2872da713405dee43 Justin Miron
07:42 AM Revision 5c2f6e6d (charm): Rdma support for pamilrts machine layer
Change-Id: I825bbf7d1ddc9f5460f8ae3ebaa66d5b4fbde78a Nitin Bhat
07:42 AM Revision 955b85c5 (charm): Rdma API at the Lrts layer
Change-Id: I36a90b305eea0450f1620702636ee938c3afde96 Nitin Bhat
07:41 AM Revision e102379b (charm): Rdma support at the generic layer
Changes include:
Charmxi changes for supporting rdma parameter
Charm and converse support for rdma parameters
Added a...
Nitin Bhat


04:00 PM Revision 33dec52a (charm): AMPI #1107: use Charm++ built-in reducer types in AMPI
Change-Id: Ic9f081bf455e3211333edb8dc2d8949e16dda999 Sam White
01:55 PM Revision 8b8b8aaa (charm): AMPI #1084: eliminate extra copies in reduction/gather recv paths
The old control flow for reduction recv's was: reduceResult -> sendraw
-> generic -> inorder -> receive.
The new con...
Sam White


07:13 PM Revision 7525b31d (charm): Documentation: update personnel listing in manual credits
Change-Id: I1bf37ed7fadf4fa8bc9f2485560be56e1ee31288 Sam White


01:34 PM Revision 96eb2b4f (charm): Rdma support at the generic layer
Changes include:
Charmxi changes for supporting rdma parameter
Charm and converse support for rdma parameters
Added a...
Nitin Bhat
09:18 PM Revision ae25c548 (charm): fixes
Change-Id: I4a76ffffb67f8472169ab87888e46c3f7579074c Justin Miron
09:04 PM Revision 15ad4f34 (charm): build fix
Change-Id: Ia03fdabb8e7a50102ef925314f13911d42804070 Justin Miron
07:37 PM Revision e13e3c32 (charm): fixed wrap, changed pool queues to mpmc
Change-Id: Ic6d18068113a9f38cdb535469c423e29436576c6 Justin Miron


11:36 AM Revision 8ad86556 (charm): adding default branching factor
Change-Id: Ibc818612bfd30c77c713341fbfc097209026a624 Vipul Harsh


02:20 PM Revision 3cb576a4 (charm): Redmine #882: Change type to indicate non-participation in reductions
Non-participation in reductions is now indicated by the 'nop'
reducer type, and empty contributes are now implemented...
Juan Galvez


04:20 PM Revision 2805b6af (charm): Update personnel listing in README
Change-Id: I6a6551c2bbcb2a9aac5100b650c98bc5c5927418 Ronak Buch
03:33 PM Revision b85acf67 (charm): adding branching factor for each section
Change-Id: I2229a27206a6a7fef193759111451380e89c1e6f Vipul Harsh
02:55 PM Revision be4d836e (charm): AMPI: make error message about MPI_Init failures more informative
Change-Id: Ic20ada620a7afa8ff7e1da0fd4cc8cf0be20abaf Sam White
01:51 PM Revision b8bbf894 (charm): AMPI cleanup: simplify AmpiRequest (i)test routines
Change-Id: Ib00af763aacf7b7e612e778a2b93dba4ed630459 Sam White
01:50 PM Revision 1236c31e (charm): AMPI cleanup: remove useless variables in DDT usage
Change-Id: Ib33a6752bef2ba8e8c870086cb8db30220d65141 Sam White
01:50 PM Revision ff2590d9 (charm): AMPI: add no-op implementations of MPI-3's Comm/Win info routines
Change-Id: If2f7af03c0393eac8e38c4979b26aff3dc141c8b Sam White


04:51 PM Revision 8ce70e0b (charm): Improve wording and placement of queueing strategy example descriptions
Change-Id: I9ba99f50ceb2b1ec3336d4486c106e451d8a50c7 Ronak Buch


12:32 AM Revision a64f3741 (charm): build on cray #1110: only object to specified compilers, not all other...
Change-Id: I4b9aae9d8ee6c5ca0f6ad748577f3d68f41495c0 Phil Miller
11:08 PM Revision f81c4e53 (charm): AMPI: fix linking error in earlier MPI_BOTTOM support
Change-Id: If6e9bf200b7cbd7b564beb93bed07e081422ab5a Sam White
10:09 PM Revision cc0be5ea (charm): AMPI #1153: support MPI_BOTTOM's use in communication routines
Change-Id: Ib588d5773baf9725cba54cd1a180f4c63be32458 Sam White
09:40 PM Revision 292b7d3c (charm): Bug #1038: Check for srun in batch submission
Change-Id: I407c013bee7949f4a2c3ac99f4fba11b21048784 Redmine Admin


05:21 PM Revision 8028bb66 (charm): AMPI: support for explicitly changing bounds and MPI_Type_create_resized
Change-Id: Ia7b6cc10863f12e55927cf289e20fe168c607692 Edward Hutter
03:56 PM Revision d0ef65ee (charm): Explicitly set +p for all test runs that didn't specify it
Change-Id: Ie865ae9d08ad4ea0ddcae24998558a84e7f4627d Phil Miller
03:46 PM Revision fdc036f7 (charm): Fix some indentation in new code
Phil Miller (Charmworks)
03:46 PM Revision f234e2c3 (charm): verbs: fix thread binding code to compile
Phil Miller (Charmworks)
03:38 PM Revision 3036faa1 (charm): Allow Central and Distributed LBs when calling multiple balancers
Kavitha Chandrasekar


02:57 PM Revision 9e138553 (charm): Packetization code for large messages
Change-Id: I7ed8c9a2137344fd46f492447f848daa2bb0b82f Nitin Bhat


06:00 PM Revision 7d932db3 (charm): build #1110: Fix earlier patch that broke non-default compilers on non...
Change-Id: Icdae2d15649e1dd71099145a7d765f54bc20b822 Phil Miller
01:55 PM Revision cfdff443 (charm): Preserve sequence of -Wl,--start-group and -Wl,--end-group with libraries
after object files in link command line. Applies to any -Wl,... option.
Change-Id: I4fe6cd5d83b6842a3e76ce0cb13a67e...
Jim Phillips
01:30 PM Revision 26235ceb (charm): Bug #1110: Cray builds break if explicitly passed compiler
On Cray systems, passing explicit compiler options to ./build lead to
build errors. It's because Cray systems provide...
Seonmyeong Bak
01:22 PM Revision 5d7d4ee5 (charm): Cleanup: eliminate compiler warnings about reordering constructor argu...
Change-Id: Ic49dc178704ff0665db35233fa7bad750558e853 Edward Hutter
01:20 PM Revision 6150bebd (charm): Bug #1152: Fixed missing dependencies in examples/charm++/namespace/Ma...
Change-Id: I64f14d084e2f42f68ab1d6cc1cfee5ff9835a4a8 Edward Hutter


06:35 PM Revision 16b2cd74 (charm): verbs layer: increase blocking ratio for small segments, and be more i...
Change-Id: I1325ea6d27b516b39ff82ceda0c3209fd0b4ebe3 Thomas Quinn
10:30 PM Revision c0f5521c (charm): Merge branch 'hwloc' of charmgit:charm into hwloc
Gengbin Zheng
10:29 PM Revision 2735f181 (charm): when no new style (++numHosts and ++processPer* and ++oneWthPer*) comm...
Change-Id: Idd8627da0a1f591314c2d17d9c88048217f12d77 Gengbin Zheng


06:19 PM Revision fd80c5ef (charm): Bug #1145 - Critical path history: only instantiate object when #ifdef...
Change-Id: I1003a7590425049385a8126bfdd5ea7cd035f110 Phil Miller
02:47 PM Revision 2bd4688d (charm): verbs: bolt in support for hwloc-driven process/thread launching
Change-Id: Ib115861f9c63eaecd563c6e5fab6bc626ae0c0c0 Phil Miller
02:15 PM Revision d1854fe2 (charm): Bug #1147: Fix path history build failure on MSVC
Change-Id: Ic41d29da38825eaf58f76943d407b6ff4ef98f3a Phil Miller


02:55 PM Revision 25e122d8 (charm): Set migration cost in DistLB correctly in previous commit
Kavitha Chandrasekar


02:30 PM Revision 733a00e4 (charm): Set*Cost() had been removed in previous commit. Adding them back.
Kavitha Chandrasekar
10:40 PM Revision 900cbfbc (charm): add more error checking about ++processPerPU
Change-Id: Ifb893ce9302f09ff3d19376170f682443b750411 Gengbin Zheng


12:40 AM Revision bdbc8f27 (charm): add case for ++processPerPU and ++oneWthPerPU
Change-Id: I044a296fece22abaf6c2b6b816da0cacd79f6828 Gengbin Zheng
12:35 AM Revision c6e49e57 (charm): calling cpu_binding to main thread seems to change binding to all thre...
Workaround this issue by first calling on rank 0, and then rest threads.
Change-Id: I93b5d87d784f2c849478a533a322cea...
Gengbin Zheng
10:29 PM Revision de406bd7 (charm): a bug that can cause multiple attempts of bindings with ++processPerHost
Change-Id: I8224009a59ae51fd64fa0ff954178552a1ede755 Gengbin Zheng
10:23 PM Revision c4f2dfdc (charm): handle ++processPerSocket 1 ++oneWthPerSocket
Change-Id: Ib408fc503ab94b2159d65266b6215f0e8e2cf5cb Gengbin Zheng


04:45 PM Revision c0a12aae (charm): SSEDouble class: check for "__AVX__" instead of "__FMA4__".
Change-Id: Idf92587a3c5320bc6d69027439c190f5b1ae7f1b Thomas Quinn

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