From 06/26/2016 to 07/25/2016


11:10 PM Revision 08e58af5 (charm): fix ++oneWthPerPU bugs for error checking and calculating +ppn
Change-Id: If350b03248b6c33935341da990d1673c84a083dd Gengbin Zheng


09:25 AM Revision 2fc5d2be (charm): fix compilation error for ibverbs in finding core close to NIC
Gengbin Zheng
09:15 AM Revision 232800c8 (charm): support +oneWthPer* command line to set cpu affinity
Change-Id: I783851087959e8c60dd83ea96bb06682be61e77c Gengbin Zheng
11:01 PM Revision cb991683 (charm): handle ++local with +processPer* command line options and default affi...
Change-Id: I37060f92fa0a0f5282254a049d2ebec96ff6a1ad Gengbin Zheng
09:53 PM Revision 26f5b460 (charm): New DistributedLB
Harshitha Menon
09:38 PM Revision b26b114d (charm): Fix
Harshitha Menon
09:29 PM Revision fbc0ac88 (charm): fix distributedlb
Harshitha Menon
09:23 PM Revision 65f69f1c (charm): New DistributedLB with rounds
Harshitha Menon


10:43 AM Revision 8d5cdd9b (charm): Documentation: minor updates to Charm Debug manual
Change-Id: I7d029939402703c66fecbecff848faa3ba2c639c Sam White
10:42 AM Revision 0ee16634 (charm): Cleanup: eliminate compiler warnings about converting char* to string
Change-Id: Ifc30cfa779f3ef8f7f530a341d2bafd1962c11a9 Sam White
10:42 AM Revision 847f4feb (charm): AMPI cleanup: make datatype and comm parameters MPI_Datatype and MPI_Comm
Change-Id: Ie1d8651b9ed8185602a8011e6b09990675ae8d3b Sam White
01:21 AM Revision 9293a850 (charm): Merge branch 'nitin/rdma2' of charmgit:charm into nitin/rdma2
Nitin Bhat
01:20 AM Revision 0b36b968 (charm): Rdma support for pamilrts layer
Change-Id: Ia155165143f31c4342dad3996c5110f44a27a1d7 Nitin Bhat
01:13 AM Revision 75bad04c (charm): Charm++ and converse functions for rdma support
Change-Id: Ife16eb4394c57c9ad0b8e56422be00a0d378dd9b Nitin Bhat
12:20 AM Revision eff544c4 (charm): Charm++ and converse functions for rdma support
Change-Id: Ife16eb4394c57c9ad0b8e56422be00a0d378dd9b Nitin Bhat
12:09 AM Revision 2d7c0b71 (charm): Rdma support at the generic layer
Changes include:
Charmxi changes for supporting rdma parameter
Added CkRdmaWrapper at the charm layer
Added a pingpon...
Nitin Bhat
10:39 PM Revision f5ffba7a (charm): Bug #1146 TCharm: only awaken thread once after migration
Change-Id: I18cfb1109a014b1cca5d83a2b3352dfbf0bef3f2 Sam White


01:50 PM Revision 1aa4eeae (charm): RDMA support for generic layer
Changes include:
-charm construct for rdma called ckrdmawrapper
-examples using rdma
Change-Id: I0ee684fa32...
Nitin Bhat
01:16 PM Revision 219fe05c (charm): RDMA support for generic layer
Changes include:
-charm construct for rdma called ckrdmawrapper
-examples using rdma
Change-Id: I0ee684fa32...
Nitin Bhat
08:53 AM Revision bfe167ad (charm): Documentation: fix CharmDebug git clone command
Change-Id: Ib92b4cdd2e9a14dfbbed5f96e0fec89c770c70c4 Sam White
01:31 AM Revision 03abc964 (charm): add missing check if charm is started by the net version charmrun usin...
Change-Id: Ida080ba63b947ece5dd3476bef30e9fa9ca5a684 Gengbin Zheng
01:18 AM Revision 780fb452 (charm): fix a bug in checking oversubscription fir processPerHost
Change-Id: Ic82ec6f7e5c55caf8391d77856881b736bfe70be Gengbin Zheng
12:08 AM Revision 924939fb (charm): implement default cpu affinity for +processPer* command line options
Change-Id: I29046372b863f7f416f9a03c5deee3f28dd0866e Gengbin Zheng
08:44 PM Revision 6506294e (charm): Added calls to the custom profiler
Change-Id: I74b4714574c26e89e569516c06c4b7b3e97678eb Seonmyeong Bak


04:37 PM Revision b240e238 (charm): Critical path header changes for the pics merge
Change-Id: Ic4ca573e9dd313a22b9ebe19303ea85f73c4a483 Yanhua Sun
09:03 AM Revision e656416a (charm): Documentation: add ++quiet to runtime options
Change-Id: I8b18bce61cfd7abda97b3a2f33f64e756b0dafba Sam White
09:02 AM Revision 72b5d4be (charm): AMPI cleanup: eliminate warnings in ROMIO for redefining MPI_HAVE_INFO
Change-Id: If59a870d7854f2c0d8ca21dd3b6de9b65c7adb04 Sam White
09:02 AM Revision 07b17b3d (charm): AMPI cleanup: ROMIO should use AMPI's MPI_AINT predefined type
Change-Id: Ibedf046fb1dbba5a1284f33c16267e95efe2ffe7 Sam White
09:02 AM Revision dee5b7c3 (charm): Bug #1141 AMPI: make ROMIO use AMPI's Type_is_contiguous extension
Change-Id: Id4e87eeff871d7b89687aaa213e6ac5d3cced1c0 Sam White
08:35 AM Revision 0f48cf5c (charm): Bug #1142 AMPI: allow main() to take arbitrary arguments in C programs
Change-Id: I712d469ac36da7bdb7a78565cfb11fb154f571a5 Sam White
12:49 AM Revision 76f37681 (charm): implement the new style launching command line option with +numHosts a...
Change-Id: I67ba184721d01e863cd98631f08ff3320ed7ce13 Gengbin Zheng
10:34 PM Revision 6e74893b (charm): multiple rounds of refinement in distlb
Harshitha Menon


04:34 PM Revision 598377e6 (charm): AMPI cleanup: remove redeclarations of Alltoall extensions
Change-Id: I811bb41ef19092577ae93faf2b16ac57ba8fa409 Sam White
03:54 PM Revision a3cf28c2 (charm): Cleanup: make void function declarations be strict prototypes
Change-Id: Ib8618b52436f5615ccf70ec3e59d434b30cd8e3d Sam White
03:48 PM Revision 4d087d17 (charm): Cleanup: define CMK_ macros to 0 in conv-config.h if not defined
Change-Id: I2cc89d6fa734b43c83691ed3e17af0abaee7c062 Sam White
12:11 AM Revision 54fefea9 (charm): implement +proc_per_core and +proc_per_socket.
Change-Id: Ifbe8a7a954a89ffab2b1b686c0b6e88fd7a12b17 Gengbin Zheng


12:28 AM Revision f364d185 (charm): when missing +p, just counts the cpus of all the hosts in the node tab...
Change-Id: Ieda57e678de09cafe8806c2bac98ad86b832f6a6 Gengbin Zheng
11:56 PM Revision efcfc67d (charm): a quick implementation for +procpercore (without process binding)
Change-Id: I86df088cf66adc0a756a6c3732f323e1b2731480 Gengbin Zheng


07:59 PM Revision 440ddae7 (charm): added missing for automake/autoconf
remove hack in charmrun Makefile, and make sequential build linking with hwloc.
Change-Id: I2b0cc2f85ba414d39dd0fe22...
Gengbin Zheng


02:35 PM Revision fc8a0095 (charm): Bug #1050: support MPI_IN_PLACE for all collectives but MPI_Alltoall
Change-Id: I84ed4f8e7938e85dea87f5a33aa2d7f59b312766 Edward Hutter
11:18 AM Revision e3fa281a (charm): Fixed the pingpong example for groups
Change-Id: I40a01102a60c61cf866cdb61f7b3b2f36f3c8a06 Nitin Bhat
10:57 AM Revision d8ec0cf5 (charm): Fixed pingpong ast it wasn't working for generic case of rdma implemen...
Change-Id: Id47ab000a243c24856a9ae85b7614e81bb453822 Nitin Bhat
09:36 AM Revision 15ec2b73 (charm): AMPI: support for MPI-3's Get_accumulate, Fetch_and_op, and Compare_an...
Change-Id: I1cedbc85e6aecd2493cf7ae34c54cfc04eb191a8 Sam White
05:56 AM Revision 13936524 (charm): Modified __ONESIDED_IMPL to CMK_ONESIDED_IMPL
Change-Id: I4002397d1bf1244cb403c22087569d309bfdca7c Nitin Bhat
02:00 AM Revision 6340e69e (charm): Formatting and removing white spaces
Change-Id: I8878fca81ba35150faefded0835f1d4d719f3348 Nitin Bhat
01:12 AM Revision d5994e4e (charm): using automake to integrate hwloc
hwloc compiler/linker options are written into Gengbin Zheng
07:34 PM Revision 85a12a10 (charm): "Added and corrected use of __ONESIDED_IMPL flag"
Change-Id: I44b4a6d4d9d73d352004385397bf2d62a3ca8811 Nitin Bhat


04:06 PM Revision 9e09642b (charm): pingpong working
Change-Id: I531e9dd7c5d66e943c33991efbc72f37159d554b Vipul Harsh
01:28 PM Revision 4dba0459 (charm): Bug #1118 AMPI: avoid mis-matched reduction callback error when checkp...
Change-Id: Id810ac02951e324eefa58b8eaedb8babc7e26036 Sam White
12:23 AM Revision 24be3452 (charm): rdma working, pingpong not working
Change-Id: I5ed89a775634dd322cf6784eb24c13bc5858bf6c Vipul Harsh
11:51 PM Revision 3456f397 (charm): rdma.C mixed send not working
Change-Id: If63af8632943bf3a44008a9e9aeaf17766d99be0 Vipul Harsh
09:07 PM Revision c58751f6 (charm): fixed some more compilation errors
Vipul Harsh
08:55 PM Revision 2e875b45 (charm): fixed compilation errors
Vipul Harsh
08:11 PM Revision b1b0eac0 (charm): Fixed errors relating to the charm layer
Nitin Bhat
08:10 PM Revision 9a2a8f90 (charm): Modified machine layer and Lrts layer to remove dependencies on upper ...
Nitin Bhat
07:01 PM Revision 500bd223 (charm): send side, charm level changes for receiver side
Vipul Harsh


05:18 PM Revision 607b0b91 (charm): Merge branch 'jlew/ross_stats' of charmgit:charm into jlew/ross_stats
Josh Lew
05:16 PM Revision f5c9557b (charm): added userstat to projections
Josh Lew
04:33 PM Revision 7013e8d1 (charm): fixing merge issues
Josh Lew
04:00 PM Revision 7570e02f (charm): Bug #1138: Fixed memory error in AMPI_Reduce_scatter_block
Change-Id: I8725346f81ef68297a2faf2d5d2a5d8c6999e7d2 Edward Hutter
12:01 AM Revision 24c27b08 (charm): added userstat to projections
Josh Lew
08:05 PM Revision 55c5bd1d (charm): Bug #1137: Added an explicit ckCreateEmptyArrayAsync call in charmxi
Change-Id: I51abd5f7728438697feec73572e4bac08e8bbb55 Nitin Bhat


03:34 PM Revision c2b60a27 (charm): Drop currently failing megatest, to see how everything else goes
Change-Id: I1f42e6c147bcbeb19f4f36bdd02cae0b80260191 Phil Miller
03:34 PM Revision 32a80c34 (charm): charmxi: clarify error reports
Change-Id: Ia85368c6967bebbeff1e2e4f10e2cd41f02d1869 Phil Miller
07:21 PM Revision a747f053 (charm): Sender side converse level and machine level changes
Nitin Bhat


10:31 PM Revision 23032128 (charm): sender size charm level changes
Change-Id: I7ae2494d5291e28e1c23d12eef8e3fd3a2044e38 Vipul Harsh
07:47 PM Revision 64a0b581 (charm): Merge commit 'refs/changes/73/1273/4' of
Vipul Harsh


08:55 AM Revision 787353ab (charm): Minor cleanup
Juan Galvez


04:03 PM Revision 5acdf051 (charm): Merge branch 'juan/TopoGreedyLB' into juan/TopoCommLB
Juan Galvez
03:39 PM Revision 7a701788 (charm): Updated TopoManager
Juan Galvez
03:32 PM Revision f8bfb70a (charm): Fixes GTopoCommLB and new feature in TopoManager
Juan Galvez
01:00 PM Revision 00b6442c (charm): contributes working now
Change-Id: I30e123a1cfa41f80405676ce4864f213a8fde411 Vipul Harsh
10:48 AM Revision c7d419b0 (charm): AMPI: eliminate unnecessary copies in onesided
Change-Id: Ie036fc80de3b0c50406620e6aa693dac30b442e4 Sam White
09:03 PM Revision f72a8628 (charm): broadcasts working now, contributes not implemented
Change-Id: I016d8b1e325ce47e9f82fedc2586a600e63f3144 Vipul Harsh


02:00 PM Revision 69c88c7a (charm): Cleanup warnings & format tests/converse/cthtest
Change-Id: I351a7e4e3c89449139aaa5decb57fc6ea167dcf0 Steve Hoelle


04:29 PM Revision 2ec2b709 (charm): Added GTopoCommLB module
Juan Galvez
11:00 AM Revision 357e0db5 (charm): Add readonly int pup_array_size in the .ci file
Harshitha Menon
11:17 PM Revision 7ac3b708 (charm): Fix a bug in the reporting of num ovld pes
Harshitha Menon
09:29 PM Revision 3d1bf1e0 (charm): Add num ovld pes, skewness and kurtosis
Harshitha Menon
09:24 PM Revision 2267b402 (charm): Add num ovld pes, skewness and kurtosis
Harshitha Menon


05:53 PM Revision 17da03df (charm): charmxi: don't generate closure class definitions for non-SDAG methods...
Change-Id: If6941ceefeeefb1f50a01887d56e9486b7baf48c Phil Miller
05:46 PM Revision 3223aa55 (charm): charmxi: insert missing space in generated output
Change-Id: I1cc4547fc1852a3911102652a7f004fbd0660967 Phil Miller
05:18 PM Revision 7e7f3ee2 (charm): CHANGES: Add incremental release notes for 6.8.0
Change-Id: Ie720fe274ef02eb03e6cc10067b2c8b15bd895cb Phil Miller
05:18 PM Revision e0b79b89 (charm): Delete immediate message support in QD to eliminate a use of CpvAccess...
Change-Id: I5c8b59ecf3a55ae75e436c643ffc18cbb4143a69 Phil Miller
05:18 PM Revision 40880be2 (charm): NOMERGE Drop SDAG tests that use 'forall' construct, to avoid generate...
Change-Id: I89b9b1fab5963e44ace1e9a66c9d804ada5163f2 Phil Miller
05:18 PM Revision 432fa324 (charm): experimental scheme for avoiding overhead in inline calls by
using indirection
Change-Id: Ia9b3fb5ae28d2a99569e2eda487f01f325e57997
Eric Bohm
05:18 PM Revision afed1793 (charm): charmxi #921: actually emit definition of virtual method FooClosure::p...
Change-Id: I34b427114a339d7f2b1410cf4a5ec227890a8076 Phil Miller
05:18 PM Revision fa6d543c (charm): charmxi #921: carry const-ness through SDAG in [inline] methods - work...
Change-Id: Iae4956a3623df6e4b54a86253abd5db5e11e7871 Phil Miller
05:18 PM Revision 26c9659b (charm): charmxi #921: push through const-correct parameter types for arrays
Change-Id: I69a55ba195715aebd9e010e3a88f194c3c2c16b2 Phil Miller
03:30 PM Revision e3f0e51d (charm): charmxi: fix wrong indentation of generated code
Change-Id: Id5e154ca185ab203f3f4deefe4382aaf71f379b1 Phil Miller
03:30 PM Revision 025eccab (charm): charmxi: remove braces that were only needed for ancient C++ compilers
Change-Id: I237544a6b3f19ec7b29c0711c4cd6294c08985d7 Phil Miller
03:30 PM Revision 7e2c71b2 (charm): charmxi sdag: Preserve const& qualifications on entry method parameter...
Change-Id: I434323b2bc59236d9e20cf3d70649052dd933f94 Phil Miller
03:20 PM Revision 0348bf2c (charm): CmiPwrite: fix missing const on buffer argument
Change-Id: Ic8d8470b553510daf734fa98664bd8f016ef337a Phil Miller
03:20 PM Revision b27d4a4f (charm): charmxi: Move a variable declaration under its #if, and clean up forma...
Change-Id: I6b5f1366bd09b1f331bc2af4c74ffb5c0afe453f Phil Miller
03:20 PM Revision 6aacf26c (charm): charmxi: fix indentation of array entry method call code
Change-Id: I3caae4bf607bc6a9af3d9b1b498688309f2f2cec Phil Miller
03:03 PM Revision ab46e3cb (charm): Added TopoGreedyLB load balancing module
Juan Galvez
02:13 PM Revision af631f90 (charm): cleaned up code
Josh Lew
01:18 PM Revision 12ac1d77 (charm): Set the pupsize
Harshitha Menon
01:09 PM Revision 5ed74cf6 (charm): Add pupsize to it
Harshitha Menon
11:41 AM Revision 7a8f1dff (charm): removing reset object time (not needed as start timing was moved)
Kavitha Chandrasekar
11:34 PM Revision e0f1b85d (charm): Set the load of the object to be the load in the last iteration before...
Harshitha Menon


11:18 PM Revision a6696a7a (charm): Fix for the crash when +balancer is given twice.
Harshitha Menon


01:34 PM Revision cd3a8ece (charm): introduce dynamic load imbalance
Harshitha Menon
01:51 AM Revision 5a3b17bb (charm): Fix RefineLB and DistributedLB
Harshitha Menon
11:00 PM Revision 12d0a1e8 (charm): Remove background load from RefineLB and also set the threshold to be low
Harshitha Menon


11:10 PM Revision 8efa5d74 (charm): Support for out-of-core computation
Out-of-core feature is only enabled when ooc build option is used.
The deprecated support of OOC is also removed.
Xiang Ni
10:58 PM Revision 5150d210 (charm): adding initial 64 bit id code for ckmulticast
Change-Id: Ia17d172732164110d4788eeee4f1e5d1297c4700 Vipul Harsh
10:57 PM Revision fb708bd9 (charm): fix a typo
Change-Id: I4d21704b02813a2bbb0700be60be4979996c7ef5 Xiang Ni
07:04 PM Revision 4871a05b (charm): Merge branch 'xiang/OOC_Ready' of charmgit:charm into xiang/OOC_Ready
Xiang Ni
07:03 PM Revision 776090f0 (charm): fix the bug shown with error checking on
Xiang Ni


05:34 PM Revision 6edb9614 (charm): remove unused field
Change-Id: I65c0e3aedd90600081f8664106e10576cb151e95 Xiang Ni
05:25 PM Revision 481c8e6b (charm): Merge branch 'xiang/OOC_Ready' of charmgit:charm into xiang/OOC_Ready
Xiang Ni
05:19 PM Revision 15fac80e (charm): Changes to only enable the out-of-core features when ooc build option ...
The deprecated support of OOC is also removed.
Change-Id: I9d71c64e7c9b931247c8ffcddbcdbad6bb137070
Xiang Ni
12:06 PM Revision aba2d55f (charm): Fix printing of numobjs per pe
Harshitha Menon
11:13 AM Revision 2ab9e127 (charm): Some debug stats for GreedyLB
Harshitha Menon
10:49 AM Revision d7d7ce2e (charm): Feature #331: Return any type that has a PUP routine from [sync] entry...
Change-Id: Id0b504ee6b3cee56d165784e02b44ea3ac162202 Vipul Harsh
10:18 AM Revision 9faabcd2 (charm): Add the avg chares per PE in the statsfile
Harshitha Menon
10:16 AM Revision e0e227e4 (charm): Add the avg chares per PE in the statsfile
Harshitha Menon
11:51 PM Revision 00265943 (charm): Stop timing when load is added to metalb
Harshitha Menon
11:10 PM Revision 10175d0c (charm): Don't consider the overhead of lbcomminfo in the obj load
Harshitha Menon


05:33 PM Revision 766fa4ee (charm): Merge branch 'nitin/charmonesided' of charmgit:charm into nitin/charmo...
Change-Id: I1249c57f21d3be3a5900cf359b81a12a10973ae6 Nitin Bhat
05:19 PM Revision 1d523999 (charm): Rdma onesided API (only for pamilrts layer).
Generic implementation has been completed.
Does not include zero copy POST API. There are still some unsorted issues ...
Vipul Harsh
03:09 PM Revision 04650ee2 (charm): Reset the obj load to 0 after the first atsync. The reason to do this ...
Harshitha Menon
02:55 PM Revision 58e66c9f (charm): nodeGPU: Pre-allocate additional pinned memory
Change-Id: Iad1085df230e0723ca532bf025ed3de21249aac9 Redmine Admin
09:36 PM Revision 88149727 (charm): Change Makefile to include ScotchRefineLB and GraphKLLB
Change-Id: I42a79590813473b3a9595a26c17fca1ed35b1fa8 Harshitha Menon
08:17 PM Revision ccdc77dc (charm): Fixing hops
Kavitha Chandrasekar


11:48 AM Revision 1615b894 (charm): Don't consider background load in lb strategy. It was causing some PEs...
Harshitha Menon


01:30 PM Revision e89988df (charm): Fix some printing to file
Harshitha Menon
10:19 AM Revision e10aa795 (charm): Move the outside bytes calculated outside if
Harshitha Menon


10:36 AM Revision 5292a424 (charm): Temporary fix to check pe value
Kavitha Chandrasekar

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