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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2066Charm++BugNewNormalUse 64bit IDs for tracingEric Mikida04/04/2019 03:14 PM
2065Charm++CleanupNewNormalUse 64bit ID for groups/nodegroupsEric Mikida04/04/2019 03:12 PM
2064Charm++CleanupNewNormalUse 64bit ID for singleton charesEric Mikida04/04/2019 03:11 PM
2063Charm++BugMergedNormalCkCallback::ckExit does not work with interop modeEric Mikida04/22/2019 09:53 PM
2051Charm++BugNewNormalQD and AtSync may not work well togetherJuan Galvez02/21/2019 01:12 PM
2050Charm++BugClosedNormalInconsistent AtSync behavior with bound arraysEric Mikida04/02/2019 01:38 PM
1903Charm++BugNewNormalAll load balancing framework should be off if we don't have any load balancers linkedJuan Galvez09/27/2018 02:39 PM
1887Charm++BugImplementedNormalCustom array indices segfault in CkVec inside of LB frameworkEric Mikida04/03/2019 04:32 PM
1638Charm++DocumentationMergedNormalManual has incorrect populateInitial APIEric Mikida04/12/2019 05:59 PM
1547Charm++BugMergedNormalDeprecate the FFT library in ck-libs in favor of Nikhil's new FFT libraryDong Hun Lee01/16/2018 03:58 PM
1514Charm++BugMergedHighThrow a runtime error for registrations that occur after startupSeonmyeong Bak05/17/2017 05:43 PM
1506Charm++BugMergedHighexamples/hello/4darray breaks when doing sectionsVipul Harsh04/27/2017 04:55 PM
1498Charm++BugNewNormalSDAG methods are not properly inherited by chare subclassesEric Mikida04/13/2018 06:04 PM
1493Charm++BugMergedUrgentDeleting an array also deletes all common elements from it's bound arraysEric Mikida04/27/2017 06:51 PM
1476Charm++CleanupNewLowFix Make.depends for libraries03/30/2017 04:55 PM
1422Charm++CleanupIn ProgressNormalCleanup dangling issues from 64bit mergeEric Mikida02/15/2017 05:55 PM
1397Charm++BugMergedUrgentDocument that array creation must occur on PE0Dong Hun Lee04/10/2017 04:20 PM
1324Charm++BugNewNormalCollision Detection library failures due to changes in demand creationEric Mikida03/07/2017 11:39 AM
1254TMSFeatureNewNormalAuto populate Bug and Change links10/11/2016 04:57 PM
1253TMSFeatureClosedNormalLogs sorted by most recent update rather than creation date01/10/2017 05:11 PM
1252TMSFeatureMergedNormalDaily View for a Given Week01/16/2017 01:55 PM
1101Charm++BugNewNormalPoor error messages when forgetting to 'extern module x' in ci filesEric Mikida09/21/2016 12:32 PM
1100Charm++BugNewNormalCannot create variable sized messages with objects that have virtual methodsNitin Bhat09/21/2016 12:33 PM
1098Charm++FeatureMergedNormalBetter CMake supportEvan Ramos01/16/2018 05:11 PM
1065Charm++CleanupIn ProgressNormalCreate a more efficient caching structure for location lookupEric Mikida10/26/2017 09:20 PM
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