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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2001Charm++BugMergedNormalLinking ChaNGa with -tracemode projections fails on gni crayxcRonak Buch10/24/2018 11:10 AM
1910ProjectionsBugMergedNormaljava.lang.NullPointerException in projections.analysis.Analysis.hasSumFilesRonak Buch05/15/2018 08:06 PM
1830Charm++BugMergedNormalChaNGa deadlocks due to recent change to QD typesSam White03/15/2018 05:25 PM
1828Charm++BugMergedNormalInfinite recursion inside malloc_info in CmiMemoryUsage03/17/2018 12:00 PM
1786Charm++BugMergedHighAssertion "thisDim < thatDim" failed in file cklocation.C line 2880Seonmyeong Bak02/09/2018 05:26 PM
1715Charm++BugMergedHigh20% slowdown in ChaNGa after commit 159fd36fcEric Mikida11/02/2017 08:44 PM
1652Charm++BugMergedHighCkArray::ckDestroy() does not delete CkMulticastMgrThomas Quinn08/08/2017 04:29 PM
1647Charm++BugClosedHighckNew(): CkReductionMgr not constructed on all PEsPhil Miller08/08/2017 04:29 PM
1585Charm++BugMergedUrgentCmiCheckAffinity fails on large core counts with SMPJuan Galvez06/05/2017 11:51 AM
1560Charm++BugMergedNormalicc build fails on NASA PleiadesPhil Miller01/08/2018 01:39 PM
1306Charm++BugNewNormalPythonCCS-client needs to be compiled without CONVERSEJuan Galvez10/11/2017 03:23 PM
1272Charm++BugMergedNormalNode GPU Manager hangs on exitMichael Robson12/13/2016 11:59 AM
1222Charm++BugMergedHighNode group reduction fails during checkpointingSam White09/28/2016 01:34 PM
1217ChaNGaBugMergedHighReduction bug in checkpointing05/06/2017 05:37 PM
1204ChaNGaBugNewNormalLinking with -memory charmdebug fails09/08/2016 05:43 PM
1166Charm++BugRejectedUrgentpathHistoryManager doesn't PUP09/28/2016 01:34 PM
1042Charm++BugMergedNormalverbs layer runs out of memory regions and segfaultsBilge Acun09/28/2016 01:33 PM
1033Charm++BugMergedNormalBad free in LtrsExit()Phil Miller04/14/2016 02:40 PM
1014ChaNGaBugNewNormalteststep fails on GPU version11/01/2018 02:08 AM
1002Charm++BugMergedNormalChanga's Final CkWaitQD() hangs after AtSync deletion-counting changesHarshitha Menon04/04/2017 03:50 PM
993ChaNGaBugMergedNormalFinal CkWaitQD() hangs with gcc 505/06/2017 08:58 PM
941Charm++BugRejectedUrgentMetabalancer initialization is not thread safeHarshitha Menon02/17/2016 10:40 PM
909Charm++BugMergedHigh MANY "Warning: IndexPool_getslot 0x407c3f00 overflow when expanding to: 524288"Vipul Harsh12/15/2015 01:32 PM
833Charm++BugMergedHighmpi smp build is locked to one core per node by defaultJuan Galvez06/21/2018 04:05 PM
811ChaNGaBugClosedNormalPoor load information on small steps01/06/2016 04:50 PM
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