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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1321Charm++FeatureNewHighmultiple communication threads per processRonak Buch11/01/2017 02:45 PM
33Charm++SupportIn ProgressHighJenkins for AutobuildRonak Buch07/13/2015 09:27 PM
1768Charm++DocumentationNewNormaldocument CkIORonak Buch04/11/2019 05:04 PM
1676Charm++BugNewNormalReplicas slower than separate jobs on GNI systemsRonak Buch04/11/2019 05:04 PM
1256Charm++DocumentationNewNormalDocument '-tracemode perfReport' in the manualRonak Buch04/11/2019 05:04 PM
2070ProjectionsBugNewNormal[local] methods cause timeline to fail to display all entry methods thereafterRonak Buch04/09/2019 04:15 PM
1436Charm++FeatureIn ProgressNormaltrace CcdCallFnAfter() causalityRonak Buch04/04/2019 02:15 PM
1689Charm++BugIn ProgressNormalCMK_TIMER_USE_PPC64 inaccurate with variable clock speedsRonak Buch01/17/2019 01:20 PM
1510Charm++BugIn ProgressNormalHang in tests/charm++/chkpt when using -tracemode perfReportRonak Buch01/17/2019 01:14 PM
1918Charm++FeatureNewNormalEnable immediate method tracing when CMK_SMP_TRACE_COMMTHREAD is enabledRonak Buch09/27/2018 02:34 PM
1958ProjectionsBugNewNormal"View" -> "Display Legend" is brokenRonak Buch09/27/2018 01:53 PM
1928ProjectionsBugNewNormalProjections shows idle time for offloaded work from OpenMP pragmasRonak Buch09/06/2018 03:12 PM
424Charm++FeatureNewNormalCkIO: Automatic re-open of files across checkpoint/restartRonak Buch08/23/2018 09:15 PM
698ProjectionsFeatureNewNormaltrace messages forward through communication threadsRonak Buch05/09/2018 11:13 AM
991ProjectionsFeatureImplementedNormalSort Usage Profile Based on EP TimeRonak Buch05/09/2018 11:09 AM
996ProjectionsFeatureImplementedNormalColor by user supplied parameter (e.g. timestep) in Time ProfileRonak Buch05/09/2018 11:09 AM
997ProjectionsFeatureImplementedNormalColor by user supplied parameter (e.g. timestep) in Communication over TimeRonak Buch05/09/2018 11:09 AM
1004ProjectionsFeatureNewNormalView showing messages grouped by sizeRonak Buch05/09/2018 11:05 AM
1878Charm++FeatureNewNormalTracing/Projections support for visualizing the communication graphRonak Buch05/09/2018 10:32 AM
505ProjectionsFeatureImplementedNormalshow communication threads in usage profileRonak Buch04/29/2018 05:59 PM
1884ProjectionsFeatureNewNormalBy default display the time range with traces onlyRonak Buch04/25/2018 10:44 AM
1525ProjectionsFeatureNewNormalBracketed User Events Track Numerical ValuesRonak Buch04/13/2018 12:22 PM
1263Charm++BugNewNormalAVX512 SupportRonak Buch02/16/2018 12:09 AM
1037Charm++BugIn ProgressNormalmegacon link failureRonak Buch02/16/2018 12:03 AM
995ProjectionsFeatureImplementedNormalColor by user supplied parameter (e.g. timestep) in non-timeline toolsRonak Buch01/24/2018 03:15 PM
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