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cmake-based build system

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Our current home-grown build system consists of:
  • the ./build shell script
  • the ./ Perl script
  • an autoconfiscated configure script
  • an assortment of hand-written Makefiles
  • completely separate build systems (hwloc, ROMIO, ...)
It would be interesting to have a more standard approach to building Charm++:
  • Users are more familiar with the build system.
  • We can provide reasonable defaults, such that users do not have to specify the network layer, SMP mode, optimization options etc.
  • Fix issues with the current build system (e.g., Makefiles that ignore errors, infinite recompilation of some files, ...)
CMake is probably the most interesting alternative for us:
  • It is supported on all platforms we support.
  • It is installed on most systems.
  • It only requires a C++ compiler.
  • It has integrated testing and packaging frameworks.

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