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Complete spack installation script

Added by Sam White 6 months ago. Updated 28 days ago.

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Spack has a charm package, but it is out of date (v6.7.1) and only supports a few charm build options (net, netlrts, mpi, verbs).

Add pamilrts-{bluegeneq, linux-x86_64ppcle}, verbs-linux-ppc64le, ofi-, gni-crayx{e,c}. Remove deprecated 'net-' builds. Add different compiler options. Add AMPI and LIBS build targets. Add 6.7.0, 6.8.0, 6.8.1, 6.8.2 releases.


#1 Updated by Sam White 6 months ago

Note the mpi.patch file they have in the spack/charm package is no longer needed since 6.8.0

#2 Updated by Sam White 3 months ago

  • Assignee set to Karthik Senthil

#3 Updated by Sam White 3 months ago

  • Assignee deleted (Karthik Senthil)

This wis now assigned to a Charmworks intern

#5 Updated by Sam White 3 months ago

  • Status changed from New to In Progress

#6 Updated by Matthias Diener 2 months ago

We should discuss if it makes sense to put the package in charm++'s repository, or if we just update the package on spack's GitHub.

#7 Updated by Sam White 29 days ago

Spack pull request here:

I'm not sure if Edward Kim is still working for Charmworks on this, so we may need someone else to take it over and address the feedback from Spack developers.

#8 Updated by Matthias Diener 28 days ago

@Sam, do you know what the status is? I'd be happy to take this over, but I don't have permissions to modify the pull request.

#9 Updated by Sam White 28 days ago

I just asked Edward and he just hadn't seen the comments on the pull request for whatever reason. So he'll keep working on it

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