Bug #1679

Do Not Require Default Constructors for Serializable Classes

Added by Nils Deppe 29 days ago. Updated 20 days ago.

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I've set the target to 7 because this could be implemented as a breaking change.

Currently Charm++ requires all classes be default constructible. However, with C++11 it is possible to = delete the default constructor, which in many cases is desirable and can help prevent bugs. Charm++ requires the object be created and then a pup member function be called. There are two solutions I can think of:

1) Have classes have a constructor that takes a PUP::er (I can see this being tricky with abstract base classes), and then deserialize the data from it. Some care would need to be taken not to call this constructor when serializing, only when deserializing.

2) Construct classes using a constructor that takes some charm++ defined type, say charm::PupConstructor, and then calling the pup as is done now. This allows people to delete (or make private) the default constructor to prevent unintentional default construction.

I think both are equally easy to implement, especially if one is willing to break code. If you do not want to break code you will need to use something like std::is_constructible ( to check whether the required constructor exists, making this an opt-in feature rather than an enforced idiomatic way of writing Charm++ code.


#1 Updated by Phil Miller 20 days ago

  • Target version changed from 7 (Next Generation Charm++) to 6.9.0
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We actually ended up implementing something that should satisfy this request for a contract customer who wanted it ASAP:

Using an actual constructor with a tag type argument instead of a separately-named method may be preferable, since the special method ends up requiring also move constructor support.

Note that the patch following the one linked is necessary to fully actually eliminate the requirement of Default Constructible for types used as entry method arguments, since generated code default-constructs objects to unpack-PUP into.

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