Bug #1634

HDF5 issues in AMPI

Added by Matthias Diener about 1 year ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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The HDF5 library is available for AMPI at

This bug tracks several of the issues that are still needed for complete support.


#1 Updated by Matthias Diener about 1 year ago

The issues to test and improve are:

  • Test if applications work with the shared library (currently, only the static hdf5 library is built)
    - This is currently blocked by the lack of a shared-library ROMIO (works, 01/18/18)
  • SMP mode (seems to work 07/16)
  • Virtualization (seems to work 07/16)
  • Migration
  • Some spurious crashes/segfaults at hdf5 library termination
  • Test other architectures than linux/netlrts. Currently works with:
    - netlrts-linux-x86_64
    - netlrts-linux-x86_64 smp
    - multicore-linux-x86_64

#2 Updated by Sam White about 1 year ago

'-tlsglobals' currently requires static linking:

For migration, the main concern is migrating with open files: so far we've told users to explicitly close and re-open files before and after migration (or if doing serial I/O, make that rank non-migratable), but we could potentially do that for them in our ROMIO and HDF5 distributions.

#3 Updated by Sam White 12 months ago

What's the status of updating ROMIO to get shared library support?

#4 Updated by Sam White 12 months ago

I'd like to know to know if it is building on AMPI yet, or if it requires any MPI-2 or MPI-3 features we don't have implemented yet, so that I can prioritize them.
Having the ROMIO update on a branch would be nice.

#5 Updated by Matthias Diener 12 months ago

I have a patch to update romio to 1.2.6 (shipped with last version of mpich1) that compiles successfully with the current AMPI and passes all of the romio test suite. More advanced features not currently supported by AMPI (such as generalized requests) are still optional in 1.2.6.

Getting it to actually build a shared library is not so easy though, the current Makefile generates some weird libtool archive that I haven't been able to convert to an .so yet, which is why haven't submitted the patch to gerrit yet.

#6 Updated by Sam White 11 months ago

  • Target version changed from 6.8.1 to 6.9.0

#7 Updated by Matthias Diener 11 months ago

HDF5 serial tests working (all 62):

  • testhdf5, cache, cache_api, cache_image, cache_tagging, lheap, ohdr, stab, gheap, evict_on_close, farray, earray, btree2, fheap, pool, accum, hyperslab, istore, bittests, dt_arith, page_buffer, dtypes, dsets, cmpd_dset, filter_fail, extend, external, efc, objcopy, links, unlink, twriteorder, big, mtime, fillval, mount, flush1, flush2, app_ref, enum, set_extent, ttsafe, enc_dec_plist, enc_dec_plist_cross_platform, getname, vfd, ntypes, dangle, dtransform, reserved, cross_read, freespace, mf, vds, file_image, unregister, cache_logging, cork, swmr,,,

NB: shows some discrepencies in the exit codes returned on failure, but this is not significant for application execution (and can't be fixed for now).

HDF5 parallel tests working ():

HDF5 parallel tests NOT working ():

#8 Updated by Sam White 9 months ago

  • Target version deleted (6.9.0)

#9 Updated by Sam White 5 months ago

Note that Matthias added support for ROMIO compilation as a shared object and confirmed that we can now build HDF5 as a shared object on top of AMPI.

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