Feature #1615

Filtering Todo list

Added by Shanna DeSouza about 2 years ago.

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Currently on the homepage of TMS there is a list of pending Todos that are assigned to the user who is signed in. For that user, on the My Activity page, there is also a more complete list of Todos including ones that have been completed as well as ones that are tracked. The issue is with the lack of advanced filtering. For instance, when I want to view the Todo items that I am tracking, I would like to see only pending Todo items, but instead it shows me all of the Todo items that I am marked as a tracker for. If this feature existed on the homepage in a way that under the Pending Todo list I could select to view the Pending Tracked Todo items, then I would be happy to have a simple resolution. Or the other option, which I also like, is that on the My Activity page where a more complete list is available that we have an on/off switch for each filter option. The options should be 1. Assigned [True/False/All] 2. Completed [True/False/All] 3. Tracked [True/False/All] 4. Created [True/False/All] with defaults: 1. True 2. False 3. All 4. All

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