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PSM2 network layer

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For Omni-Path the OFI layer is currently slower than MPI, which is based on PSM2. The only way to beat MPI is likely to do a direct PSM2 layer in Charm++.


#1 Updated by Jim Phillips over 2 years ago

Look for the first occurrence of psm2_am in the following:

  • PSM2 exposes a single endpoint initialization model, but enables various
  • levels of communication functionality and semantics through @e components.
  • The first major component available in PSM2 is PSM2 Matched Queues
  • (@ref psm2_mq), and the second is PSM2 Active Message (@ref psm2_am). *
  • Matched Queues (MQ) present a queue-based communication model with the
  • distinction that queue consumers use a 3-tuple of metadata to match incoming
  • messages against a list of preposted receive buffers. The MQ semantics are
  • sufficiently akin to MPI to cover the entire MPI-1.2 standard. *
  • The Active Message (AM) component presents a request/reply model where
  • the arrival of a message triggers the execution of consumer-provided
  • handler code. This can be used to implement many one-sided and two-sided
  • communications paradigms. *
  • With future releases of the PSM2 interface, more components will
  • be exposed to accommodate users that implement parallel communication
  • models that deviate from the Matched Queue semantics. For example, PSM
  • plans to expose a connection management component to make it easier to
  • handle endpoint management for clients without their own connection
  • managers.

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OFI outperforms MPI on PSM2 and has been merged

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