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Feature #108: Fixed-size object IDs

Feature #179: objid_t: adapt callbacks to use objid_t

CkCallback to section breaks

Added by Jonathan Lifflander about 6 years ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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This code fails to run (runtime error on CkCallback::pup), but compiles fine.

CProxy_ArrayA proxy = CProxy_ArrayA::ckNew(20);
CProxySection_ArrayA sec = CProxySection_ArrayA::ckNew(proxy.ckGetArrayID(), 5, 10, 1);
proxy.tocall(CkCallback(CkIndex_ArrayA::fn(), sec));


Feature #79: Variable-size ckcallbacksRejectedJonathan Lifflander

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Duplicated by Charm++ - Bug #235: CkCallback to array sections is very non-migratable New 06/17/2013
Blocked by Charm++ - Feature #109: Test and merge section ID and manager work Merged 03/15/2013


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Sanjay asked what the relevant use cases are. We came up with at least OpenAtom containing nasty workarounds, and LU doing it's own things.

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Jonathan - can you comment on relevance of this task? Can it be marked resolved and closed? If not, please reassign (not to you, but someone else).

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It is dependent on #179 (64-bit ID and callbacks) and possibly section re-vamping.

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#12 Updated by Sam White about 2 years ago

Is this code in a branch somewhere, waiting on the 64bit ID merge? Because 64bit IDs were merged months ago... If not, we'll reassign this.

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#14 Updated by Sam White about 1 year ago

Is this issue still around? If so, we should target the fix to 6.9.0 or 6.9.1

#15 Updated by Sam White 10 months ago

Is this still a real issue?

#16 Updated by Sam White 5 months ago

CkCallback's to sections are still non-migratable, but at least work on the same PE they are created on now:

#17 Updated by Raghavendra Kanakagiri 5 months ago

There is a test case for which it seems to break.

A section proxy for a 2D array consisting of 1D elements [0, *]:
CProxySection_Check sec3Proxy = CProxySection_Check::ckNew(checkArray.ckGetArrayID(), 0, 0, 1, 0, numchares_y - 1, 1);
CkCallback cb(CkIndex_Check::recvCb(), sec3Proxy);
Breaks with an assertion (Reason: Assertion "idx.dimension == bounds.dimension" failed in file cklocation.C line 2842.)
The same section can be used in a multicast though

Also in a similar use case of creating 1D sections in 2D arrays, running into this error:
Reason: Array index length (nInts) is too long-- did you use bytes instead of integers?
Haven't been able to replicate the above error in a standalone code.

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