Sam White's activity

From 03/13/2019 to 04/11/2019


11:26 AM Charm++ Bug #1774 (In Progress): Thread migration fails on ppc64le builds
Sam White


12:58 PM Charm++ Feature #1964: Enable +isomalloc_sync by default for AMPI
BGQ and Windows don't support Isomalloc so it's not needed there, but I think any other system with a shared file sys... Sam White


02:27 PM Charm++ Bug #828: Chare array construction semantics differ wrt readonly array proxy on PE 0
No, it can be closed Sam White


12:30 PM Charm++ Bug #1940: Singleton chare and nodegroup creation hangs with randomized queues in SMP mode
What do you mean by it wouldn't build for netlrts and mpi? Charm didn't build, or the example didn't build? Can you p... Sam White


03:00 PM Charm++ Bug #2030: tests/ampi/megampi crashes in MPI_Comm_free
Can you post the tsan output here? Sam White

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