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Using Shared Arrays in Message-Driven Parallel Programs
Parallel Computing (ParCo) 2011
Publication Type: Paper
Repository URL: charmgit:papers/200909_MSA
This paper describes a safe and efficient combination of the object-based message-driven execution and shared array parallel programming models. In particular, we demonstrate how this combination engenders the composition of loosely coupled parallel modules safely accessing a common shared array. That loose coupling enables both better flexibility in parallel execution and greater ease of implementing multi-physics simulations. As a case study, we describe how the parallelization of a new method for molecular dynamics simulation benefits from both of these advantages. We also describe a system of typed handle objects that embed some of the determinacy constraints of the Multiphase Shared Array programming model in the C++ type system, to catch some violations at compile time. The combined programming model communicates in terms of these handles as a natural means of detecting and preventing errors.
Phil Miller, Aaron Becker, Laxmikant Kale. "Using Shared Arrays in Message-Driven Parallel Programs". Parallel Computing. In press.
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