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Evaluation of HPC Applications on Cloud
| Abhishek Gupta | Dejan Milojicic
HP Labs Technical Reports (HPL) 2011
Publication Type: Paper
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HPC applications are increasingly being used in academia and laboratories for scientific research and in industries for business and analytics. Cloud computing offers the benefits of virtualization, elasticity of resources and elimination of cluster setup cost and time to HPC applications users. However, poor network performance, performance variation and OS noise are some of the challenges for execution of HPC applications on Cloud. In this paper, we propose that Cloud can be viable platform for some HPC applications depending upon application characterstics such as communication volume and pattern and sensitivity to OS noise and scale. We present an evaluation of the performance and cost tradeoffs of HPC applications on a range of platforms varying from Cloud (with and without virtualization) to HPC-optimized cluster. Our results show that Cloud is viable platform for some applications, specifically, low communicationintensive applications such as embarrassingly parallel, tree-structured computations up to high processor count and for communication-intensive applications up to low processor count.
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