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last changeTue, 30 Jun 2020 19:45:04 +0000 (12:45 -0700)
2020-06-30 Jaemin ChoiFix direct invocation call to SDAG entry method master
2020-06-30 Jaemin ChoiUpdate Makefile to clean charmrun, dot -> ddot
2020-06-30 Matthias Dienerfix constness
2015-03-09 Ehsan Totonifixed mismatch to new completion detection interface
2012-03-17 Phil MillerCharm: more details in README
2012-03-17 Phil MillerCharm: Add a README file
2012-03-17 Phil MillerCharm: comment the SpMV implementation
2012-03-14 Phil MillerCharm: Eliminate storage of old rtrans, when it's only...
2012-03-14 Phil MillerCharm: declare alpha local to its use
2012-03-14 Phil MillerCharm DDOT: don't pass a pointless argument
2012-03-14 Phil MillerCharm: add some whitespace
2012-03-14 Phil MillerCharm: Refactor to encapsulate parallel ddot
2012-03-14 Phil MillerCharm: replace a silly statement
2012-03-14 Phil MillerCharm: Refactor exchange to encapsulate parallel SpMV
2012-03-13 Phil MillerCharm: consolidate simple comm-ish entry methods into...
2012-03-12 Phil MillerCharm: match run behavior of MPI version
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