QM/MM documentation in user guide
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2018-11-08 David HardyQM/MM documentation in user guide 58/4758/4
2018-10-29 Jim PhillipsUpdate to 2.13. 50/4750/1
2018-10-16 Jim PhillipsUpdates for 2.13 beta 2 release 91/4691/1
2018-10-15 Giacomo FiorinFixes and improvements in Colvars doc 89/4689/1
2018-09-07 Jim PhillipsUpdate version number in user guide. 55/4555/1
2018-01-23 Jim PhillipsFix User's Guide build 48/3548/2
2016-12-21 Jim PhillipsUpdate to 2.12.
2016-12-20 Jim PhillipsRemove unused ug_eabf.tex file to avoid confusion.
2016-11-01 Jim PhillipsUpdate to 2.12b1.
2016-10-07 Jim PhillipsAdd dependency.
2016-09-27 Jim PhillipsExtended Adaptive Biasing Force method from Haohao...
2016-06-30 Jim PhillipsWork around unusual sh echo behavior on Ubuntu when...
2015-12-20 Jim PhillipsUpdate to 2.11.
2015-12-03 Jim PhillipsUpdate to 2.11b2.
2015-11-07 Jim PhillipsUpdate to 2.11b1.
2015-09-22 Jim PhillipsMajor update to collective variables module from Giacom...
2014-12-06 Jim PhillipsIncrease version to 2.10.
2014-11-15 Jim PhillipsIncrease version to 2.10b2. release-2-10-beta-2
2014-10-20 David HardyRemoved call to csh for regenerating namd_version.tex .
2014-08-20 Jim Phillipsupdates for 2.10b1 release
2013-06-10 Jim PhillipsSwitch gtar to tar.
2012-04-27 Jim PhillipsUpdate to version 2.9.
2012-04-05 Jim PhillipsUpdate to version 2.9b3. release-2-9-beta-3
2012-03-26 Jim PhillipsVersion 2.9b2. release-2-9-beta-2
2012-03-13 Jim PhillipsUpdate docs/notes/announcement and bump version to...
2011-05-25 Jim PhillipsUpdate version to 2.8.
2011-05-19 Jim PhillipsUpdate version to 2.8b3. release-2-8-beta-3
2011-05-10 Jim PhillipsUpdate version to 2.8b2.
2011-03-25 Jim PhillipsUpdate versions to 2.8b1.
2011-02-03 David Tanneradding users guide chapter for implicit solvent as...
2010-10-13 Jim PhillipsUpdate version to 2.7. release-2-7
2010-09-17 Jim PhillipsUpdate version to 2.7b4.
2010-07-01 Jim Phillipsupdating NAMD and Charm++ versions.
2009-11-11 Jim Phillipsupdate versions to 2.7b1 and charm-6.1.3
2009-05-27 Jim Phillipsbuild tarfile automatically
2009-03-25 Jim Phillipsonly build pdf before html since dvi build fails
2009-03-23 Jim PhillipsBuild pdf by default (used to be ps).
2009-03-12 Jim PhillipsUpdate versions to NAMD 2.7b1 and Charm++ 6.1.
2008-11-13 David Hardymodified list of source files, clean shouldn't remove...
2008-09-18 Chris HarrisonInitial add of colvar module (Following files added...
2008-03-20 Peter FreddolinoAdd in Chipot's changes to the fep documentation
2006-08-30 Jim PhillipsUpdate to version 2.6.
2006-08-15 Jim PhillipsUpdates for 2.6b2 release.
2005-07-22 Jim PhillipsUpdate version numbers to 2.6b1.
2005-07-21 Jim PhillipsInclude pdf files in CVS.
2005-07-21 Jim PhillipsAdd adaptive biasing force method from Chipot.
2003-09-26 Jim PhillipsBump version to 2.5.
2003-09-19 Jim PhillipsBump version to 2.5b3.
2003-09-12 Jim PhillipsFixed index again.
2003-09-12 Jim PhillipsCleaned up index.
2003-09-12 Jim PhillipsCopied in release notes, added index, various cleanups.
2003-09-11 Jim PhillipsFixed section -> subsection code.
2002-09-09 Jim PhillipsVersion updates - now 2.5b2
2002-04-16 Jim PhillipsUpdated version to 2.5b1. release-2-5-beta-1
2002-03-08 Jim PhillipsAdded ug.bib to dependencies.
2002-03-08 Jim PhillipsUpdated version to 2.4.
2002-02-20 Jim PhillipsAdded alchemical free energy docs "as is", fixed only...
2002-02-13 Jim PhillipsUpdated version to 2.4b2.
2002-02-13 Jim PhillipsMoved psfgen to separate directory tree based on Justin...
2002-01-23 Jim PhillipsChanges for version 2.4b1. Only need to change version...
2001-08-02 Jim PhillipsUpdated version to 2.3.
2001-05-03 Jim Phillipsversion 2.3b2
2001-02-23 Jim PhillipsAdded documentation on psfgen.
2001-02-23 Jim PhillipsMany updates and cleanups for 2.3.
2000-09-29 Jim PhillipsUpdated to 2.2.
2000-09-22 Jim PhillipsUpdated version to 2.2b3.
2000-09-18 Jim Phillipsupdated release-2-2-beta-2
2000-09-05 Jim PhillipsFixed 2.1 -> 2.2b1. Whoops.
1999-12-01 Jim PhillipsNow using -toc_stars workaround until latex2html is...
1999-11-30 Jim PhillipsUsing CSS to change background color as workaround...
1999-10-08 Jim PhillipsUpdated version number.
1999-10-08 Jim PhillipsNow works with LaTeX 2e and can produce PDF files.
1999-10-06 Jim PhillipsVarious doc updates for 2.1.
1999-03-18 Jim PhillipsMany changes, now mostly ready for 2.0 release.
1999-03-09 Jim PhillipsAdded html target to preserve latex2html arguments.
1999-02-02 Jim PhillipsAdded free energy documentation from David Hurwitz.
1998-03-06 Jim PhillipsDocumented new features in 2.0. Added authors. Still...
1998-01-06 David Hardy*** empty log message ***
1998-01-06 David Hardy*** empty log message ***
1998-01-05 David Hardyuser guide, first draft