Add support for Charm++'s change to use 64 bit ID for load balancing
[namd.git] / src / Compute.C
2018-06-18 Ronak BuchAdd support for Charm++'s change to use 64 bit ID for... 45/4245/9
2015-03-10 Jim PhillipsStream nonbonded forces from GPU.
2011-12-16 David TannerGBIS changes for multicore w/ CUDA
2011-12-06 David Tanneradding CUDA support for GBIS
2011-03-22 Jim PhillipsEliminate LdbCoordinator objHandles[numComputes] array...
2010-11-30 David TannerAdding GBIS (Generalized Born Implicit Solvent) by...
2008-11-12 Jim PhillipsCUDA support
2007-10-11 Jim PhillipsCompletely revamped message priority system. New file...
2003-02-14 Jim PhillipsSupport for SMP versions of charm.
2000-07-26 Jim PhillipsCleaned and updated priorities.
2000-04-12 Gengbin ZhengNew Sync
2000-03-23 Gengbin Zhengadd synchroniztion to Computes in
2000-02-29 Jim PhillipsEliminated multiple arrays in Patch and HomePatch.
2000-02-10 Jim PhillipsMajor cleanup.
1999-09-24 Jim PhillipsCleaned up initial comments and copyright notice.
1999-09-24 Jim PhillipsRemoved RCS logs and dead files.
1999-05-11 Robert BrunnerChanges for new charm version
1999-03-18 Jim PhillipsTurned off stray DEBUGM code.
1998-10-24 Jim PhillipsEliminated warnings generated by g++ -Wall.
1998-07-03 Robert BrunnerSelf-compute spliting creation changes. I hope this...
1998-03-03 Robert BrunnerChanged include files for new simplified Charm++ includ...
1997-12-26 Milind BhandarkarMade namd2 to compile, link and run under linux. Merged...
1997-09-28 Milind BhandarkarFixed priorities, ReductionMgr etc.
1997-08-26 Jim PhillipsRevamped prioritites for petter performance and easier...
1997-08-20 Jim PhillipsCreated multiple enqueueWork entry points to aid analysis.
1997-04-10 Aritomo ShinozakiFinal debugging for compute migration / proxy creation...
1997-04-08 Aritomo ShinozakiModification for dynamic loadbalancing - moving computes
1997-04-06 Aritomo ShinozakiAdd priorities to messages. Mods to help proxies witho...
1997-04-04 Milind BhandarkarGot NAMD2 to run on Origin2000.
1997-04-03 Jim PhillipsAdded basic priority() method to Compute. Only disting...
1997-03-20 Aritomo ShinozakiSome changes for comments. Copyright date additions.
1997-03-19 Jim PhillipsAdded ComputeSphericalBC, cleaned up make dependencies.
1997-03-12 Jim PhillipsAdded Compute::noWork() protocol to not enqueue do...
1997-03-06 Aritomo ShinozakiRemoved
1997-02-13 Aritomo ShinozakiIntermediate debuging commit - working to fix deep...
1997-02-11 Aritomo ShinozakiModified with #ifdef DPMTA to safely eliminate DPMTA...
1997-02-06 Aritomo ShinozakiResetting CVS to merge branches back into the main... development-2
1997-02-06 Aritomo ShinozakiUpdating Revision Line, getting rid of branches
1997-01-28 Aritomo Shinozakiinternal release uplevel to 1.778
1997-01-17 Aritomo ShinozakiInternal CVS leveling release. Start development code... development-0
1996-11-30 Jim Phillipsturned off some debugging, switched to DebugM()
1996-11-22 Aritomo Shinozaki*** empty log message ***
1996-10-22 Aritomo Shinozaki*** empty log message ***
1996-10-16 Aritomo ShinozakiInitial revision