1995-11-01 Milind BhandarkarAdded the LDB section.
1995-10-31 Timothy KnauffUndid my previous unnecessary change.
1995-10-31 Timothy KnauffChanged all size_T's to CMK_SIZE_T
1995-10-31 Timothy KnauffChanged all size_t's to CMK_SIZE_T
1995-10-31 Milind BhandarkarChanged to reflect the new structure of the manual.
1995-10-31 Milind BhandarkarInitial revision
1995-10-31 Milind BhandarkarCorrected the exemplar make problem by putting intermed...
1995-10-31 Josh YelonAdded 'pragma alloca'
1995-10-31 Josh YelonAdded usleep
1995-10-31 Attila Gursoyfixe dthe thread flag
1995-10-30 Sanjeev Krishnanconverted static variable in CollectPerfFromNodes to Cpv
1995-10-30 Josh YelonReinstated libck-core-summary.a
1995-10-30 Attila Gursoyfixed libck-unimain.o (was mispelled)
1995-10-30 Attila GursoyInitial revision
1995-10-30 Josh Yelonadded CMK_SEQ_LIBS
1995-10-30 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1995-10-30 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1995-10-30 Josh YelonAdded conv-host as genuine rule.
1995-10-30 Josh YelonInitial revision
1995-10-30 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1995-10-30 Josh YelonFixed same bug again.
1995-10-30 Josh YelonFixed cast on lvalue problem.
1995-10-30 Milind BhandarkarFormatted to fit onto a line.
1995-10-30 Milind BhandarkarChanged CmiScanf prototype in the manual.
1995-10-30 Milind BhandarkarRemoved CthSetVar and CthGetVar from the manual.
1995-10-30 Milind BhandarkarChanged Cth variables macros to Ctv macros.
1995-10-30 Milind BhandarkarRemoved the Load Balancing calls chapter from the manual.
1995-10-30 Milind BhandarkarAdded one more latex stage to remove undefined references.
1995-10-30 Josh YelonDeactivated execmode summary
1995-10-30 Josh YelonFixed an obvious bug, but there's probably still more.
1995-10-27 Josh Yelonremoved more ansi
1995-10-27 Attila Gursoyswitched to gcc
1995-10-27 Attila Gursoymisc.
1995-10-27 Attila Gursoy*** empty log message ***
1995-10-27 Attila Gursoyput random latency
1995-10-27 Josh YelonChanged NumPe -> NumPes
1995-10-27 Josh YelonChanged Cmi to Ck in all charm files.
1995-10-27 Josh YelonChanged CmiNumPe --> CmiNumPes
1995-10-27 Josh Yelonchanged CmiNumPe --> CkNumPes
1995-10-27 Josh Yelonchanged NumPe --> NumPes
1995-10-27 Milind BhandarkarIntegrated into Manual.
1995-10-27 Milind BhandarkarIntegrated cpvmacros into manual
1995-10-27 Sanjeev Krishnanbug fixes
1995-10-27 Milind Bhandarkarremoved redundant checking for +qs option.
1995-10-27 Attila Gursoyput a random latency option
1995-10-27 Attila GursoyInitial revision
1995-10-27 Attila Gursoymade all the funtions static
1995-10-27 Sanjeev Krishnanremoved stdio.h
1995-10-27 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1995-10-26 Attila GursoyInitial revision
1995-10-25 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1995-10-25 Josh Yelonadded CMK_CC_RELIABLE and CMK_CC_FASTEST
1995-10-25 Josh Yeloncorrected a warning.
1995-10-25 Josh Yelonadded -use-reliable-cc, -use-fastest-cc, -NO
1995-10-25 Josh Yelonadded -use-reliable-cc -NO to threads package.
1995-10-25 Josh YelonChanged CmiSyncSendFn --> CmiSyncSend
1995-10-25 Attila Gursoyadded BocInitQueueDestroy function to realese the memory
1995-10-24 Robert BrunnerAdded Ck* defines for all Mc functions. For example...
1995-10-24 Timothy KnauffAdded CMK_CXXPP.
1995-10-23 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1995-10-23 Josh YelonRemoved references to Ck, again.
1995-10-23 Josh YelonEnabled alloca-based threads.
1995-10-20 Sanjeev Krishnanadded CMK_SIZE_T
1995-10-20 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1995-10-20 Josh Yelonadded CMK_C_DEBUG, CMK_C_OPTIMIZE, CMK_CXX_DEBUG, CMK_C...
1995-10-20 Josh Yelonadded support for -g and -O portably across platforms.
1995-10-20 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1995-10-20 Josh YelonAdded rule for "test-programs"
1995-10-20 Josh YelonCorrected a warning message.
1995-10-20 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1995-10-20 Josh Yelonremoved all references to C++ (exemplar doesn't have it)
1995-10-20 Sanjeev Krishnanadded CMK_SIZE_T
1995-10-20 Sanjeev Krishnanadded typedef CMK_SIZE_T size_t ;
1995-10-19 Josh Yelonadded void to CmiNodeBarrier
1995-10-19 Josh Yelonvoid * -> char *
1995-10-19 Josh Yelonunsigned int -> int
1995-10-19 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1995-10-19 Josh Yelonmoved CthSetStrategyDefault to convcore.c
1995-10-19 Josh Yelonadded typecasts to remove warnings.
1995-10-19 Josh Yelonadded "converse.h"
1995-10-19 Josh YelonAdded -D_INCLUDE_HPUX_SOURCE
1995-10-19 Josh YelonA correction to eatstack.
1995-10-18 Josh Yelonadded MSG_TYPE = 1
1995-10-18 Josh YelonI forget.
1995-10-18 Josh Yelonadded 'ranlib'
1995-10-18 Josh YelonCorrected CkPrintf-->CmiPrintf (??!!)
1995-10-18 Josh Yelonminor cleanup.
1995-10-18 Josh Yelonenabled eatstack-threads.
1995-10-18 Josh YelonAdded 'eatstack' threads implementation.
1995-10-18 Josh YelonStill having problems with <stddef> and size_t
1995-10-18 Josh Yelonadded an 'if' because paragon 'find' barfs if directory...
1995-10-18 Josh Yelonadded machine_name
1995-10-18 Josh Yelonnet-hp.
1995-10-18 Josh Yelonadded ifdef around 'alloca.h'
1995-10-13 Josh Yelonchanged exit() --> exit(1)
1995-10-13 Josh YelonCorrections pertaining to prototyping of CmiPrintf.
1995-10-13 Josh Yelonadded CmiNext to CmiCallMain.
1995-10-13 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***