2003-04-29 Orion LawlorAdded description of new MBLK_Get_nodelocs routine...
2003-04-29 Orion LawlorAdded MBLK_Get_nodelocs, to get the node locations;
2003-04-29 Gengbin Zhengquick implementation to make projections to have object...
2003-04-29 Gengbin Zhengurgent fix to add array index as object id for projections.
2003-04-29 Gengbin Zhenglet Refineer deal with nonmigratables.
2003-04-29 Gengbin Zhengfixed a bug when removing nonmigratable objects.
2003-04-28 Chao HuangConverted // comment into /* */ comment for some C...
2003-04-28 Orion LawlorFix heap-corrupting bug: allocate a ProcState for the...
2003-04-27 Gengbin Zhengupdate GreedyLB
2003-04-27 Gengbin Zheng1. rename HeapCentLB to GreedyLB to be consistent with...
2003-04-26 Gengbin Zhenga fix for running lb simulation mode for a fake number...
2003-04-25 Gengbin Zhengreflect change of file name
2003-04-25 Orion LawlorTiny change: give the number of chunks we're running on.
2003-04-25 Gengbin Zhengsimulation now can read LBStats from disk file to M...
2003-04-25 Orion LawlorPretend "envelope" is a struct, so C can understand it.
2003-04-24 Orion LawlorAdded ability to use 64-bit MPI on IBM SP's.
2003-04-24 Orion LawlorWhoops-- just use CkPointer, since the translator doesn't
2003-04-24 Ramkumar VadaliModified the constructor that Orion wrote.
2003-04-23 Orion LawlorSubstantially change both policy and implementation:
2003-04-23 Orion LawlorAllow the user to create an actual Strategy and pass...
2003-04-23 Orion LawlorFix memory leak:
2003-04-22 Orion LawlorAdd "CHARM" define to all source code. This lets progr...
2003-04-22 Orion LawlorLook for intel compiler in /opt, too.
2003-04-22 Chao HuangFix bug for ATAReqs. There was a memory leak.
2003-04-21 Vikas Mehtafixed an array bound write bug and did a small optimization
2003-04-21 Orion LawlorUpdated and expanded Rashmi's changes for modern tcharm.
2003-04-19 Chao HuangAdded MPI_Ialltoall, hack version only.
2003-04-18 Orion LawlorAdded description of makemblock.
2003-04-18 Orion LawlorSkip the constructor for the registeredInfo table,
2003-04-18 Orion LawlorAdded "CkSkipInitialization" class, which is used to
2003-04-18 Orion LawlorUpdated this file to match the new _entryTable object.
2003-04-17 Orion LawlorMinor changes to match with _entryTable now being a...
2003-04-17 Orion LawlorMajor registration cleanup:
2003-04-16 Chao HuangChanged checkpoint/restart to create 1 file per PE.
2003-04-15 Orion LawlorWork around a crashing bug on win32--somehow the destructor
2003-04-15 Orion LawlorFix hanging bug on win32-- condition on sleep is different
2003-04-15 Orion LawlorChanged name of "install" target to "web", just like...
2003-04-15 Rashmi Jyothi*** empty log message ***
2003-04-15 Rashmi Jyothi*** empty log message ***
2003-04-15 Rashmi Jyothilibrary instrns
2003-04-15 Vikas Mehtachanged syntax for dynamic array allocation in cksparse...
2003-04-15 Vikas Mehtachanged array allocation syntax at all the places so...
2003-04-15 Vikas Mehtachanged dynamic array allocation syntax for 'data'...
2003-04-14 Orion LawlorAdd a non-mmap'able region to the IBM SP address space...
2003-04-14 Orion LawlorAdded ability to define CMK_BAD_MMAP_ADDRESS in the...
2003-04-14 Orion LawlorMake debugLog per-node, and created earlier.
2003-04-14 Orion LawlorTweak DgramHeader declaration to make it 8 bytes long...
2003-04-14 Orion LawlorUse MAP_FIXED even for MAP_ANON. Solaris requires...
2003-04-14 Gengbin Zheng1. fixed an ancient bug in load balancer. ClearLoad...
2003-04-12 Chao HuangAdded documentation for CommLib support for MPI_Alltoall
2003-04-12 Chao HuangAdded USE_HYPERCUBE for CommLib support
2003-04-11 Orion LawlorChange QT from solaris-cc, which segfaults on the first
2003-04-11 Orion LawlorJust like "generic", but define "ALLOCA_H".
2003-04-11 Orion LawlorRemove duplicate "int i" from for loop.
2003-04-11 Orion LawlorAdded a tiny coding guidelines section.
2003-04-11 Orion LawlorAdded (almost useless) doxygen header.
2003-04-11 Orion LawlorAdded zillions of doxygen comments.
2003-04-11 Orion LawlorMany tweaks to config file:
2003-04-11 Orion LawlorMore details on how to run the thing.
2003-04-11 Orion LawlorAdded this master page, to point to various sub-pages.
2003-04-11 Orion LawlorFixed name of TCHARM_Create routine.
2003-04-11 Chao HuangFixed checkpoint problem with LBDB.
2003-04-10 Sayantan Chakravortystopped the creation of an extra nodegroup for irrgroups
2003-04-10 Vikas Mehtaadded prototype of new decompressor methods in cksparse...
2003-04-10 Orion LawlorBack out std::ostream-based ckout.
2003-04-10 Orion LawlorBack out std::ostream-based ckout, because:
2003-04-10 Orion LawlorWrite bitvectors to regular std::ostreams instead of
2003-04-10 Orion LawlorJust "using std::endl", because so many people
2003-04-10 Orion LawlorMoved ckout/ckerr setup into ckstream.C.
2003-04-10 Orion LawlorCalling PUP::able::pup is a good idea, but it
2003-04-10 Orion LawlorUse new ckstream.C source file.
2003-04-10 Orion LawlorUse regular C++ ostream for ckout, instead of
2003-04-10 Orion LawlorFix win32 version.
2003-04-09 Orion LawlorRemoved call to PUP::able::pup. This is normally
2003-04-09 Orion LawlorRename .C files .cpp for easy use with Windows IDE's.
2003-04-09 Orion LawlorRemove incorrect "const" on message.
2003-04-09 Orion LawlorUse PUP::able's builtin "clone" method, instead of...
2003-04-09 Orion LawlorRemoved unportable duplicate initialization
2003-04-09 Orion LawlorRemoved call to pupCkVec, since it didn't actually
2003-04-09 Orion LawlorDefine pup routine for CkVec under MS Visual C++ 6.0.
2003-04-09 Jonathan BoothAdded search library into the list of targets to be...
2003-04-09 Jonathan BoothFixed the delete character pointers in the print functi...
2003-04-09 Jonathan BoothChecking in my idaStar search tree library. Liberally...
2003-04-08 Orion LawlorVersion 2.0 of collision library:
2003-04-08 Orion LawlorAdded "TCharm Semaphores", a bizarre way of moving...
2003-04-08 Vikas Mehtacorrected the name of reducer
2003-04-08 Orion LawlorRemove duplicate loop counter declarations, which
2003-04-08 Vikas Mehtaadded overloaded contribute function for cpaimd.
2003-04-08 Vikas Mehtadefined new reducer types!
2003-04-08 Vikas Mehtaadded new reducers which can be used for complex data...
2003-04-08 Orion LawlorSeveral portability and correctness fixes:
2003-04-08 Orion LawlorCorrectness fix: pass entire, null-terminated string in
2003-04-08 Orion LawlorAdded CmiMkdir, a portable directory creation call.
2003-04-08 Orion LawlorChange constants to unsigned to eliminate compiler...
2003-04-08 Gengbin Zhengfixed a bug in tracemode all
2003-04-07 Orion LawlorUse explicit "pupCkVec" routine instead of operator|,
2003-04-07 Orion LawlorAdded alternate binding "pupCkVec" for pup'ing templated
2003-04-07 Orion LawlorMany bug fixes:
2003-04-05 Theckla LouchiosReverted to old makefile
2003-04-05 Theckla Louchios*** empty log message ***