2003-04-11 Orion LawlorMany tweaks to config file:
2003-04-11 Orion LawlorMore details on how to run the thing.
2003-04-11 Orion LawlorAdded this master page, to point to various sub-pages.
2003-04-11 Orion LawlorFixed name of TCHARM_Create routine.
2003-04-11 Chao HuangFixed checkpoint problem with LBDB.
2003-04-10 Sayantan Chakravortystopped the creation of an extra nodegroup for irrgroups
2003-04-10 Vikas Mehtaadded prototype of new decompressor methods in cksparse...
2003-04-10 Orion LawlorBack out std::ostream-based ckout.
2003-04-10 Orion LawlorBack out std::ostream-based ckout, because:
2003-04-10 Orion LawlorWrite bitvectors to regular std::ostreams instead of
2003-04-10 Orion LawlorJust "using std::endl", because so many people
2003-04-10 Orion LawlorMoved ckout/ckerr setup into ckstream.C.
2003-04-10 Orion LawlorCalling PUP::able::pup is a good idea, but it
2003-04-10 Orion LawlorUse new ckstream.C source file.
2003-04-10 Orion LawlorUse regular C++ ostream for ckout, instead of
2003-04-10 Orion LawlorFix win32 version.
2003-04-09 Orion LawlorRemoved call to PUP::able::pup. This is normally
2003-04-09 Orion LawlorRename .C files .cpp for easy use with Windows IDE's.
2003-04-09 Orion LawlorRemove incorrect "const" on message.
2003-04-09 Orion LawlorUse PUP::able's builtin "clone" method, instead of...
2003-04-09 Orion LawlorRemoved unportable duplicate initialization
2003-04-09 Orion LawlorRemoved call to pupCkVec, since it didn't actually
2003-04-09 Orion LawlorDefine pup routine for CkVec under MS Visual C++ 6.0.
2003-04-09 Jonathan BoothAdded search library into the list of targets to be...
2003-04-09 Jonathan BoothFixed the delete character pointers in the print functi...
2003-04-09 Jonathan BoothChecking in my idaStar search tree library. Liberally...
2003-04-08 Orion LawlorVersion 2.0 of collision library:
2003-04-08 Orion LawlorAdded "TCharm Semaphores", a bizarre way of moving...
2003-04-08 Vikas Mehtacorrected the name of reducer
2003-04-08 Orion LawlorRemove duplicate loop counter declarations, which
2003-04-08 Vikas Mehtaadded overloaded contribute function for cpaimd.
2003-04-08 Vikas Mehtadefined new reducer types!
2003-04-08 Vikas Mehtaadded new reducers which can be used for complex data...
2003-04-08 Orion LawlorSeveral portability and correctness fixes:
2003-04-08 Orion LawlorCorrectness fix: pass entire, null-terminated string in
2003-04-08 Orion LawlorAdded CmiMkdir, a portable directory creation call.
2003-04-08 Orion LawlorChange constants to unsigned to eliminate compiler...
2003-04-08 Gengbin Zhengfixed a bug in tracemode all
2003-04-07 Orion LawlorUse explicit "pupCkVec" routine instead of operator|,
2003-04-07 Orion LawlorAdded alternate binding "pupCkVec" for pup'ing templated
2003-04-07 Orion LawlorMany bug fixes:
2003-04-05 Theckla LouchiosReverted to old makefile
2003-04-05 Theckla Louchios*** empty log message ***
2003-04-05 Theckla LouchiosReverted to old files while I fix the problem that...
2003-04-05 Chao HuangAdded support for MPI_COMM_SELF
2003-04-04 Orion LawlorPass user-defined classes by *const* reference.
2003-04-04 Chao HuangFixed MPI_COMM_SELF. When MPI_COMM_SELF is used, skip...
2003-04-04 Theckla LouchiosModified
2003-04-04 Theckla LouchiosParsed File
2003-04-04 Theckla Louchios*** empty log message ***
2003-04-04 Theckla LouchiosNot needed
2003-04-04 Theckla LouchiosDoesn't include the COverDep class which is now useless
2003-04-04 Theckla Louchios*** empty log message ***
2003-04-04 Theckla LouchiosHandles the parsed file to generate the sdag code
2003-04-04 Theckla LouchiosModified to handle the fact that the .ci parser now...
2003-04-04 Theckla LouchiosThe .ci parser now includes the code to fully parse...
2003-04-04 Theckla LouchiosModifided to handle some changes when the sdag parser...
2003-04-04 Theckla LouchiosModified to handle some small changes when the sdag...
2003-04-04 Theckla LouchiosNew file to with the functions to handle the fact that...
2003-04-03 Jonathan BoothFixed the gcc-only extension bug where I'd said "char...
2003-04-03 Jonathan BoothBug fix for bit vector priorities in CqsEnqueueGeneral...
2003-04-03 Jonathan BoothUpdated CkEntryOptions to handle the new way ckbitvecto...
2003-04-03 Jonathan BoothUpdated ckbitvector to store data in a charm-like way...
2003-04-03 Orion LawlorAdded this build option, which points to the Turing...
2003-04-02 Orion LawlorRemove superfluous comma from enum list.
2003-04-02 Orion LawlorReplace "unsigned int" with "size_t" for platforms...
2003-04-02 Orion LawlorCan't return void in a void entry method.
2003-04-01 Orion LawlorActually respect timeout option to CcsRecv.
2003-04-01 Orion LawlorMajor rewrite:
2003-04-01 Orion LawlorSend all warnings to stderr, not stdout. This is important
2003-03-31 Orion LawlorClean out documentation directories on "make clean"
2003-03-28 Orion LawlorReplace old conv-mach.h with conv-config.h
2003-03-28 Orion LawlorAdded "inline" keyword to templates. Without inline,
2003-03-28 Orion LawlorAdded roundoff-friendly halfspace definition, and
2003-03-28 Sayantan Chakravortyshows the dependency on a new header
2003-03-28 Sayantan Chakravortychanges to allow checkpointing and restart of arrays...
2003-03-27 Orion LawlorMinor tweaks.
2003-03-27 Orion LawlorMove trace-common.C to be a part of Charm++;
2003-03-27 Orion LawlorPrevent linking problems in trace-common.C by making...
2003-03-27 Orion LawlorDon't access logSize from Charm++ tracing.
2003-03-27 Orion LawlorDon't check in .o files.
2003-03-27 Orion LawlorRemove gnu extension "cbrt", and typecast number of...
2003-03-27 Orion LawlorSeveral fixes:
2003-03-27 Orion LawlorDon't include mpi.h--it doesn't exist everywhere, and...
2003-03-27 Orion LawlorExplicitly use (double) log, which avoids a casting...
2003-03-27 Chao HuangFixed a bug. Oops...
2003-03-27 Chao Huangmoved -lcomm into .dep files for AMPI
2003-03-27 Chao HuangMoved -lcomm into .dep files.
2003-03-27 Orion LawlorRemove silly default parameter in definition.
2003-03-27 Orion LawlorAdded commlib to list of libraries (since AMPI now...
2003-03-27 Chao HuangAdded -lcomm for building ampi(f).
2003-03-27 Chao HuangIntegrated Comlib support for MPI_Alltoall(v)
2003-03-26 Orion LawlorAdded "ep" to creation call.
2003-03-26 Orion LawlorAdded "ep" to Trace::creation. The regular macros...
2003-03-26 Orion LawlorTwo changes:
2003-03-26 Orion LawlorFix debug statement.
2003-03-26 Orion LawlorTRACE_CREATION needs to be called *after* setting
2003-03-26 Orion LawlorAdded prototype for CmiNodeAllBarrier under win32.
2003-03-25 Orion LawlorAdded implementation of CmiNodeAllBarrier for win32.
2003-03-25 Orion LawlorReplaced long, error-prone lists with a shell loop.