2007-10-02 Gengbin Zhengfixed "all"
2007-10-02 Gengbin Zhengfixed target 'all'.
2007-10-02 Gengbin Zhengdon't force link
2007-10-02 Gengbin Zhenguse exit() instead of preferred MPI_FInalize for VMI.
2007-10-02 Gengbin Zhengdefine CMK_VMI for vmi
2007-10-01 Filippo Gioachinfixed problem with newest gcc compiler, where when...
2007-09-29 Eric BohmDisable expedited for startPhaseExp entry because it...
2007-09-28 Abhinav Bhateleuse gnu compilers for QuickThread
2007-09-28 Abhinav Bhatelefixed the all target
2007-09-28 Abhinav Bhateletest-all target changed to all-test
2007-09-28 Gengbin Zhengforce pcqueue for smp
2007-09-28 Gengbin Zhengchanged macro name CMK_PCQUEUE_LOCK
2007-09-28 Gengbin Zhenga missing checkin
2007-09-28 Gengbin Zhengfix node group messages ordering in record/replay
2007-09-27 Gengbin Zhenghandle possible out of order execution of node message...
2007-09-27 Eric Bohmenhanced debugging output for replay.
2007-09-27 Gengbin Zhengfixed a compilation warning for icc
2007-09-26 Abhinav Bhatelecorrected the mpi path for pgcc build and changed ftn...
2007-09-26 David KunzmanInitial checkin.
2007-09-26 David KunzmanAdded rules for making rawToProj.
2007-09-25 Eric Bohmremove member static variables. ++p 2 ++ppn 2 case...
2007-09-25 Eric BohmFor race condition and SMP safety we make theEventID...
2007-09-25 Eric Bohmfix placement bug which allowed for attempt to place...
2007-09-25 Eric BohmAdd second dimension on command line
2007-09-24 Eric BohmA simple chare initialization test program.
2007-09-21 Abhinav Bhatelecorrected comments
2007-09-20 Eric BohmInitialize istorus booleans in fake torus
2007-09-20 Abhinav Bhatele"all" target added
2007-09-20 Abhinav Bhatele"all" target added
2007-09-20 Abhinav Bhateleput all in the beginning
2007-09-20 Abhinav Bhateleadded the "all" target
2007-09-19 Gengbin Zhengadded.
2007-09-19 Eric BohmAdd doneInserting() and a functional make test target.
2007-09-19 Eric BohmAdd reduction during exit to force execution of terminu...
2007-09-18 Eric Bohmadded make test line with usable command line so users...
2007-09-18 Filippo GioachinFixed problem when memory charmdebug is not linked in
2007-09-18 Gengbin Zhengfixed ppn when npes = 1.
2007-09-18 Filippo Gioachinadded new section for converse reductions
2007-09-18 Filippo Gioachin*** empty log message ***
2007-09-17 Gengbin Zhengchange OS malloc to be default.
2007-09-17 Filippo GioachinCompleted implementation of CpdAllocationTree for singl...
2007-09-17 Filippo Gioachinadded a couple of more C wrappers for PUP
2007-09-17 Filippo GioachinEnhanced tracemode memory with a new flag (+recordStack...
2007-09-17 Gengbin Zhengadded vmi
2007-09-17 Gengbin Zhengnow knows abe.ncsa
2007-09-17 Gengbin Zhengadded for intel mpich
2007-09-15 Filippo GioachinAdded definition of CMK_64BIT
2007-09-13 Isaac DooleyCleaning up this new "old format" version. Removed...
2007-09-13 Isaac DooleyChecking in this older version of rewritelog that uses...
2007-09-13 Filippo Gioachin*** empty log message ***
2007-09-13 Filippo Gioachin*** empty log message ***
2007-09-13 Filippo GioachinAdded check for get_myaddress() in configure, as many...
2007-09-12 Filippo GioachinAvoiding call to get_myaddress on MACs
2007-09-12 Filippo GioachinDefinition of a macro for MACOSX
2007-09-12 Filippo GioachinAdded definition of CMK_64BIT
2007-09-12 Filippo GioachinFixed comment syntax
2007-09-11 Filippo GioachinAdded CMK_64BIT
2007-09-11 Filippo GioachinAdded test for CmiReduce (reductions in converse)
2007-09-11 Filippo GioachinChanges pointer handling to be compliant to 64 bit...
2007-09-11 Filippo GioachinAdded new backtrace function which does not memcpy...
2007-09-11 Filippo GioachinAdded a few more definitions of CMK_64BIT
2007-09-11 Filippo GioachinAdded support for memory tracing
2007-09-11 Filippo GioachinAdded pointer support.
2007-09-11 Filippo GioachinChanged num phases
2007-09-11 Filippo GioachinAdded definition of CMK_64BIT
2007-09-11 Filippo GioachinAdded puppers for pointers. Used by the debugger.
2007-09-10 Gengbin Zhengmemory init needs to be lock protected for smp.
2007-09-10 Isaac DooleyRe-clarified my previous change. Now an example of...
2007-09-10 Isaac DooleyFixed a minor error in the description of using p(...
2007-09-06 Aaron BeckerAdded edgeID for adaptAdj replace functions
2007-09-05 Pritish JetleyAdded getLdHandle() method - used in ChaNGa load balancing.
2007-09-04 Chee Wai LeeAdded a new "known issue" item.
2007-09-04 Aaron BeckerModified n2e table to accomodate multiple element sizes
2007-09-04 Aaron BeckerFixed some caller strings, we now return the width...
2007-08-30 Aaron BeckerFixed memory allocation bug in CreateAdaptAdjacencies
2007-08-30 David KunzmanFixed alignment issue.
2007-08-28 Terry L. WilmarthFixed some bugs with integrating the new adapt_adj.
2007-08-28 Terry L. WilmarthFixed some adaptAdj stuff in 3D edge bisect
2007-08-28 Aaron BeckerExposed some adaptivity functions for use in cpsd
2007-08-28 David Kunzman*** empty log message ***
2007-08-28 Aaron BeckerNow we only allocate user attributes in driver, to...
2007-08-27 David KunzmanAdded accum timers (misc. other stuff).
2007-08-08 Greg KoenigUpdates to Grid load balancers that use Hybrid technique.
2007-08-01 Greg KoenigThese modifications fix bugs and improve object placeme...
2007-07-30 Gengbin Zhengconfig files for multicore-win32
2007-07-30 Gengbin Zhengmulticore for net-win32
2007-07-30 Gengbin Zhengfixed a syntax error for net-win32 smp.
2007-07-30 Isaac DooleyAdding anew load imbalanced benchmark
2007-07-29 Sayantan ChakravortyChanged a few constants
2007-07-29 Sayantan Chakravortytesting some changes
2007-07-27 Isaac DooleyA new imbalanced benchmark program that mimics Fractogr...
2007-07-26 Sayantan ChakravortyThe number of tokens is now the same as maxRecvBuffers
2007-07-26 Sayantan ChakravortyChanged the memory allocator to do bunches of allocatio...
2007-07-26 Aaron BeckerAdded edge adjacency to bulk adaptivity. Edge adjacency...
2007-07-25 Isaac DooleyAdding an elan-linux architecture. This architecture...
2007-07-24 Greg KoenigBug fixes - forgot to initialize communications matrix.
2007-07-23 Sameer KumarEnabling SMP version in Blue Gene/P.
2007-07-23 Sameer KumarChecking in a multicast optimization which is turned...
2007-07-23 Sayantan Chakravortycheck
2007-07-21 Greg KoenigMore updates for GridHybridSeedLB.